Zoom Reiki Student Reviews

Shinpiden – Reiki Masters Intensive Weekend – practical aspect of this course

♥ Weekend zoom course Nov 2020. Due to the uncertainty of the COVID 19 restrictions our planned course was postponed a couple of times in the hope of being able to undertake some practical sessions in person.

This proved impossible so we decided to do the course on Zoom, we know reiki works through time and space so no issues there!

Had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend, having studied all the course material in the manual and listened to the helpful CD and watched the attunement and empowerment DVD repeatedly at leisure in advance for some weeks, it felt like a lot to remember but needn’t have worried, Karen was very kind and gentle with us and took care not to overwhelm us with too much information in a hurry!

We took a nice pace of empowerment’s, learning, Attunement theory and practice and physical practice on a model ( the people we live with!).

Some fun, sharing of experiences through our Reiki journeys and little breaks through the two days were manageable. I was tired afterwards but I know energy work has a cleansing effect and can affect mood and emotions for a while afterwards.

Monday morning I was buzzing with energy, felt so positive and good, this has settled now and am enjoying my daily self treatment again meantime and distance healing until we can be in closer contact again.

Very good value, the course ended with a beautiful certificate and Karen has kept in touch with us to ensure all is as we hoped afterwards. We are assured of continued support should we want to contact her. Highly recommend the zoom course”.  Rose Galbraith,  Auchnagatt


♥ “I thought the course content was very comprehensive. I felt that I knew quite a lot about reiki having done levels 1 & 2, but there was so much more to learn.

The content was well presented in the manual and easy to understand. The course exceeded my expectations. The balance of study materials and practical work was just right and by the finish I felt much more confident in my practice. I feel like I am now beginning a new part of my reiki journey.

The live training was excellent! The time flew past as Karen lead us through each part.  It was really exciting to merge the work we had done alone prior to the course with the practical work.

I felt like the live training completed the course, but still inspired me to want to learn more. Karen was thorough and patient, allowing us to explore the techniques and the energies.

The live training sealed my knowledge and made me more confident. It was interesting to see that others had different reactions to the energy.

A thoroughly enjoyable experience and I know that Reiki will always be part of my life. Thank you Karen ….I think the zoom works well and video calls are the new normal for a lot of people. The distant reiki is so powerful. It definitely feels like value for money. X

Patricia Harvey, Aberdeen