What is Reiki, can I learn and what are the benefits ?

Where did Reiki come from?

The full history of Reiki is fully covered in the Manual that you receive at Shoden – the first level. You will find out how the system of healing was developed by the Founder – Mikao Usui, what he taught, how he taught, who he was associated with and how the system ended up being taught in the West.

It began with Sensai Usui Mikao in Japan, was passed onto Dr Chujiro Hayashi who was a Naval Officer in the Imperial  Navy who later passed on the teachings to Hawaya Takata who then brought it back to Hawaii where it has literally travelled all over the world.

There are many others but the main lineage of every style of Reiki lineage leads back to these 3 people as having brought the original system from Japan to the West. Below you will see the 5 Precepts of Reiki that Usui gave to his students to live by.

“The secret of inviting happiness through many blessings. The spiritual medicine for all illness. For today only ( soften referred to as Just for today … meaning living mindfully , taking one step at a time )

♥ Just for today – do not anger

♥ Just for today – do not worry

♥ Just for today – be humble

♥ Just for today – be honest in your work ( meaning be honest in your dealings with others)

♥ Just for today – be compassionate to yourself and others

Some other variations add in ” Honour your Parents, Elders and Teachers” which is believed to have been added later by Mrs Takata when she brought the teachings back to America.


Is Reiki a form of Energy Healing ?

Energy Healing has been used for centuries in various forms, you may be familiar with the form known as Prana from India or  the form Chi from China. Reiki is the Japanese form and the name is derived from 2 words – Rei and Ki meaning Universal Healing Energy.

Ki is the Japanese term for Chi energy. It has also been referred to as meaning ‘mysterious atmosphere or miraculous sign’.

The energy works with the energy fields around and within the body sometimes referred to as the aura, chakras, pranic field, meridians, zones etc …. there are many names.

All living beings and sentient creatures possess an energy field as well as 6 senses. Five senses we use everyday and the sixth is often known as our intuition, gut feeling or that twitchy uneasy feeling you get when you sense danger in a dark alley. We used it a lot as children but tend not to use it so much as adults.

Energy healing teaches you how to become more aware of your surrounding and how to balance the energy around you as well as any imbalance within the body. Imbalances often create emotional and/or physical issues.

It is in essence a beautiful natural form of energy that is very hard to prove through scientific means but just like electrical energy,  though we can sense it, feel it and see the difference it makes in our own as well as other’s lives.

It always works for good and can never be used by anyone in a negative way. Reiki is not dependent on a faith or belief system nor does it require the recipient to believe that it works. It simply does because it is just pure natural energy and can do no harm.

Energy can stagnate in the body where there has been trauma on a physical or emotional level. In time, these energy blocks can cause illness.

Energy medicine aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks in a similar way to acupuncture or acupressure. Improving the flow of the energy around the body can enable relaxation both mentally and physically, reduce pain and speed up healing.

Like myself, many practitioners who work with the Reiki energy have their stories to tell of the difference it has made in their lives, their friends, family, clients as well as their pets and plants.

The energy is transferred by placing the hands on different parts of the body or above the body. It can be done comfortably in a chair, couch, bed, sofa or even on the floor.

Anyone can learn how to transfer this natural energy after a workshop including children. My daughter used to help me with my workshops when she was young.

It is often described as hands-on healing although you can work in the energy field alone if preferred or when working on specific places of the body.

Some people use it on their medicines, plants as well as crystals …. as well many other things to charge up the energy and disperse any negative aspects.

Animals love Reiki and you can become a Practitioner who works with both humans and animals or Animals only. Equine Reiki Practitioners work with horses to keep them calm, healthy and for healing injuries.

Cats especially love the Reiki energy !!


Can anyone learn how to transfer this Reiki energy ?

Yes, anyone of any age … there are many forms of Reiki today which are all original Usui Reiki with the addition of other modalities such as Colour, Shamanic Drum, Crystals etc. They compliment the energy as they are energy forms of healing in their own right.

You can sometimes go straight into training with these modalities but some people prefer to start with the authentic Japanese teachings first known as Shoden (Reiki/ Level 1), Okuden (Reiki/Level 2) and Shinpiden (Master & Teacher level).

All of the styles of Reiki work and it is often a case of different strokes for different folks. You may be drawn to one style more than another or choose like me to learn many styles.

My Reiki journey started in 1998 and you can read about it HERE

The training is done by working through a study pack at home then coming along for the practical training day or two if it is the Master Intensive.

Training can also be done via ZOOM and the Empowerments/ Attunements done distantly if you are unable to come in person.

I have taught several classes this way including a Reiki Master in South Africa.

Reiki healing can also be sent by intention distantly too and can be very relaxing and healing but lying down for a personal treatment is often more relaxing and deeper for some people. Easier for some people to switch off the chatter in their mind and just surrender to the ambiance of the room and music.

You will find out more about the training by clicking on this link HERE


What will I feel during a treatment session ?

Reiki is always given fully clothed and you may be covered by a blanket simply for warm and comfort. You might be lying on a massage couch or Futon if in a therapy room, or on a Sofa, bed or chair if you are having a treatment at home.

If you are recieving a distant healing then you may decide to lie on your bed or sofa with some music and just close your eyes. The Reiki Practitioner will focus on a photo or have you in mind and send the healing that way. It can go to anywhere in the world or across the room.

The Practitioner gently places their hands on areas of your body from head to toes which basically covers the internal organs. However, you can also just have healing for short periods of time on specific areas of injury or discomfort such as a broken leg or a headache. The healing can be given above the area or gently touching.

You may feel heat or tingling as the energy is transferred …  some people describe it as flashes or tingles as the energy moves to other areas …. some say that it is hot and cold … others are so relaxed that they visualise colours, different sensatiions, memory flashes or emotional feelings being released.

Others simply fall asleep and feel well rested.  At the end of a session you may still feel really really relaxed or you may feel like you have heaps of energy … the Reiki always gives you what you need at that time and it is not always what we think we need. Reiki healing is safe and relaxing for any age group from the very young to the elderly.

It also works well with those having Cancer treatments and I have personally worked with Special Needs clients living in Residential Homes, Babies, Patients in hospital wards and Intensive Care as well those passing over.

Sometimes we are over-thinking, running on fumes so to speak and need to slow down …Reiki will help us  to to feel more balanced, laidback, calm and serene whereas if we have been feeling de-motivated and washed out, it may give us the boost we need.

The Practitioner is the facilitator .. the channel for the energy so to speak but the Reiki and the body know what is needed so every session is different … or the same but enhanced each time.


Can it help me deal with Stress ?

Yes, Reiki is very effective with relieving stress as it works on many levels – PHYSICALLY bring balance and healing to all the systems of the body, MENTALLY to relax and calm the mind so that your thoughts are more focused, and EMOTIONALLY and SPIRITUALLY to soothe your soul.

Although Reiki works gently and effectively on a physical level, there will often be some deep healing going on at a deeper level.

Many illnesses are created by negative thinking and stress which can not only create illness within the body, but also emotional and spiritual imbalance also.

One session will help by relaxing you but regular treatments either by yourself or a therapist will make a big difference to your life – Reiki has an accumulative effect on the body so a series of weekly or even monthly sessions would have a more lasting effect.

After your treatment you are likely to feel a little drowsy. Please ensure that you take the time to recover fully by sitting for a few minutes should you have to drive home although you will not need an escort to help you .

It is possible that you may experience some ‘emotional ups and downs’, irritability, tiredness or aches and pains after your treatment. This quite normal and will only last temporarily – it should be seen as a ‘ positive thing ’ because you are releasing things that you do not need.

This sort of experience after a treatment is common to many Complementary therapies.

We do not diagnose or treat………we do nothing other than rest our hands on the client…….the Reiki does what it needs to do as this allows them to move into a state of energetic balance.

Reiki can help you to feel more positive, better able to cope with stressful people or situations. Regular sessions can keep you feel more balanced and less prone to illness.

I often let clients with chronic illness know that I teach too so that they can take the opportunity to give themselves healing at home whenever they need it. It is very good at slowing the mind down and helping you to sleep.

I myself have suffered from Menieres Disease which is an inner ear autoimmune condition that causes dizzy spells, vertigo etc and it has helped me to feel more grounded and subdue the symptoms since 2014.

Reiki can also compliment other therapies and I offer Massage, Reflexology or Mind therapies with Reiki as 2 hour Stressbusters.

I also offer Reiki as a Distant Healing now during this time of Covid Lockdown on a Pay What You Can link … more info with reviews on this pages – HERE

Reviews from Reiki Students can be found HERE  … good to read about the different experiences of taking a Workshop … as well as a couple of ZOOM Distant Reiki Workshop Reviews HERE  …. my client reviews are mixed in with other therapy reviews HERE


Feel free to ask any questions once you have read through the Workshop details and reviews … or if you would like to book a treatment session.

You can also contact me via 07733 113138, romekaren931@gmail.com or Whatsapp



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