What is Karuna Ki Reiki

This System is about the embodiment of Compassionate Heart energy – for yourself, your clients and the World.


Karuna Ki Reiki is a very subtle yet very powerful system of Reiki. It uses a variety of symbols along with Chanting and Toning (out loud or in your mind) to bring forth the energy. It is the next step up from Usui Reiki and you must be attuned to Reiki 2 Practitioner before progressing to Karuna Ki.

The training consists of home study time then practical day training. If you are a Reiki Master and know the Attunement processes and Master symbol then you can go directly to the Master Karuna Ki training.

Karuna is a Sanskrit word that could be translated as “Compassionate Action” which is any action taken to diminish the suffering of others. I have found it to be a really beautiful powerful energy to work with and really seen results of deep healing with my clients.

Usui Reiki connects you to working with your Higher Self and the Higher Realms so that your chakras become aligned to these frequencies, Karuna Ki is more subtle and increases you further to more higher frequencies.

In your manuals I give the history of Karuna (trademarked by William Rand) as well as Karuna Ki (other Masters) having done both trainings myself.

You may notice that my surname has changed several times over the years having trained originally in 2001.

  • Karuna Ki energy is different from Usui Reiki.
  • Most Practitioners including myself have found it more powerful and deeper than Usui Reiki.
  • Karuna Ki Reiki has a more definate feeling and works on all the energy bodies simultaneously. Although Practitioners have their own different ways of experiencing energy, most including myself, feel the energy around the body (aura) as well as within the hands.
  • Karuna Ki has a more profound grounding effect as particular symbols serve the purpose of aligning the lower chakras.
  • Practitioners often feel a deeper connection with the Enlightened Beings that assist with the healing.
  • Karuna Ki chanting helps to release issues of all kinds in a powerful yet gentle way assisting us to help in a deeper way.


Some characteristics of the Karuna Ki Reiki Symbols used for Healing


  • Symbol 1 Assists in healing on a cellular level, heals past issues, heals and releases deep issues
  • Symbol 2Assists in healing unconscious patterns, heals our Shadow Self, as well as trauma
  • Symbol 3 A deep healing symbol assisting in healing relationships, developing more compassion
  • Symbol 4 Assists with balancing the chakras, room clearing, clearing the mind and feeling more grounded
  • Symbol 5 Used for deep emotional healing, makes us feel more connected, brings more mental clarity 
  • Symbol 6 An empowering symbol, helps to understand what our reality should be, earth healing energy
  • Symbol 7  Brings peace and trust in our life, releases fear and bring about a sense of calm and harmony
  • Symbol 8Assists in manifesting goals and having more clarity about priorities, very grounding symbol


More information will be given in the Manual and on the Practical day Training Workshops.

We will also have regular ZOOM chat groups where we can discuss experiences and ask questions once you start working with the energy.

Interested then click on the Links below to find out about the Workshop as well as dates and Fees


Karuna Ki Reiki Practitionerfor Reiki 2 Practitioners

Karuna Ki Progression from Practitioner to MasterFor Reiki Masters who wish to do the training in 2 Stages

Karuna Ki Reiki Master & Teacherfor Reiki Masters



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