Traumatic Birth Recovery 3 Step Rewind Reviews

Although overjoyed to be pregnant with my second baby I instantly felt anxious and scared for the birth. After a very medicalised 1st birth that ended in emergency C-section, I felt myself panicking for what was ahead.

During the 1st session we talked about my experience and rewind it like it was a movie to turn it into a more positive experience. This instantly made me believe that I was not a failure the 1st time round and made me able to believe the second birth could be positive.

During the 2nd session I visualised everything going how I would want it to. Focused on having a happy pregnancy and feeling positive about the coming birth. Karen is amazing! She has helped me completely change my outlook of how my second birth will be and I can now enjoy my pregnancy and be excited for the arrival of my second baby.

Gail Still – Aberdeen 


♥ I did not have a positive birth experience with my son, and carried a lot of worry and fear regarding ever becoming pregnant again. When I fell pregnant with my daughter, I decided I wanted a positive, happy, natural experience, and I got just that!!

I am without doubt that it definately made my birth far easier than my first experience. I used the Relaxation, and Hypno birthing techniques to allow a positive drug free, natural birth, unlike my very medicalised first birth. I will be forever grateful to Karen for being such a fantastic coach. She is friendly, relaxed and makes you feel at ease when ever you are in her company.

Jen Brown – Aberdeen