Therapy Times and Fees

Available Days & Hours at the Centre


Wednesdays – 5pm – 9pm

Thursdays – 5pm-9pm

Saturdays 10am-4pm


* Mondays or Tuesdays – day or evenings may be available by request if my contracted days do not suit you …. especially for my Fertility clients working with Ovulation and IVF Procedures.

⭐️ Therapy packages are available – you purchase the therapy of your choice and pay the fee x 4 upfront – and receive the extra free one as you book your 5 sessions 



Aromatherapy Massage

Essential oils are blended to promote physical and emotional relaxation and well-being. They are absorbed through the skin to promote healing and a deep state of relaxation.

1 hour session – back, shoulders, neck & scalp massage – £50

1 hour session – Back of leg & back massage – £60

1 hour session – leg and foot massage (both sides) – £60

90 minute session – full body  (excluding head and feet) – £70

2 hour session – full body massage including head and feet – £80

2 hour Stressbuster session – back, neck and head massage with Reiki – £80

2 hour Stressbuster – back of body – back, neck and head massage with hot stones and Reiki Stressbuster – £80



Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

– Often described as a blissful and an experience which creates a sense of both emotional and physical well-being, while at the same time  … a sense of feeling  “free and more connected” with your body.

90 minute Lomi Lomi Massage – £70

2 hour full body Lomi Lomi Massage – £80

2 1/2 Full Body Lomi Lomi with hot Lava Stones – £105

3 hour Full body Lomi Lomi with  Kahi Loa Hawaiian healing – £120

3 hour Full body Lomi Lomi with Bone Washing (Ho”ono ho’iwi)  Hawaiian healing – £120

3 hour Lomi Lomi – the “Ultimate Pamper and Nurturing Massage Package” including Hot Lava Stones, working with the 4 Element strokes (Fire, Water, Wind and Stone ) with some healing to create a sense of wellbeing – £120



Aromatherapy Pregnancy Massage

– specifically tailored for the expectant mother’s needs. It may also be called Pre-natal massage. Research has shown that mothers-to-be experiencing regular pregnancy massage found that it significantly helped with depression, aches and pains and swelling as it improves both circulation and emotional well-being.

Full Body including head and feet – 2 hours – £80 – ( Tummy strokes optional )

Full Body as above with Reiki healing – 3 hour postnatal pamper session – £100

Full body minus head and feet – 90 minutes – £70

Legs, feet and back only – 1 hour – £60

Back, sacrum, neck and scalp – 1 hour – £60




Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Pregnancy Massage

–  specifically tailored for the expectant mother’s needs in a variety of positions. Deeply relaxing massage.

90 minute side-lying Pregnancy style Lomi Lomi (minus head and feet) – £70

2 hours full body Pregnancy style Lomi Lomi Massage – £80

1 hour Pregnancy style Legs, Back and Feet only – £60

1 hour Pregnancy style Back, Sacrum, Neck and Head massage – £60

1 hour Legs, Tummy and Head massage – £60

1 hour Tummy, Arms and Head massage – £60


Seated Indian Head Massage

– A stimulating yet relaxing massage on the head, neck and shoulders ( face optional) to relieve tension and promote a sense of well-being. This is a fully clothed seated massage or you can lean on a couch and incorporate essential oils into the massage and focus on specific problem areas.

45 minute session – fully clothed – £40

60 minute session – using essential oils – £50



– Specific pressure techniques are used to detect and release imbalances and blockages to restore the flow of energy. Ideal for maintaining good health, problems with Reproductive and Digestive systems as well as just for sheer relaxation.

1 hour session with foot massage with essential oils – £55

90 minute session with foot massage with essential oils and some Reiki – £70

2 hour Reflexology and Reiki Stressbuster – £80


Aromatherapy Abdominal Massage

– The abdominal massage is ideal for anyone with the need to resolve any digestive problems.

1 hour session – £50


Fertility Womb Massage

– a unique blend of holistic healing modalities. You can have this massage in preparation to conceive or while undergoing IVF as it will be adapted according to your physical and emotional needs, cycle and the IVF processes. Also ideal for Menopause, digestive problems and in healing trauma/ issues within the pelvic bowl.

First session with full consultation – 2 hours – £80

and thereafter 90 minutes with discussion – £70

or 1 hour with massage only – £60

2 hour Stressbuster Fertility Massage and head and shoulders with Reiki or neck, shoulders and foot massage – £80

2 hour Fertility Massage and Reflexology Combo – £100



– Reiki is a Japanese hands-on relaxation and healing technique that induces a deep state of relaxation. Ideal for sheer relaxation , emotional and physical issues however best results are more noticeable with regular sessions.

* 60 minute Reiki session  – £50

* 90 minute Reiki session  – £70

 * 90 minute Reiki Fusion of Drum, Reiki Healing Empowerment and hands on healing ( does not attune you to Reiki but assists with receiving deeper healing) – £80

* 2 hour Reiki Aura Clearing, Healing Attunement and Healing Combo – £80


 Hawaiian Energetic Bodywork  (Healing Sessions)

* KAHI LOA – assisting the flow of energy. A wonderful relaxing yet powerful way to shift peoples energy, release blocks and open and align mind, body and spirit.

1 hour – £55

90 minute session – £70

2 hour Kahi Loa and some added hands on healing – £80


* Ho”ono ho’iwi referred to as BONE WASHING )– Clearing & Releasing. An ancient form of therapeutic touch used to aid the process of clearing and releasing ‘memories/ cherished wounds’ along with the corresponding physical and emotional pain. Fully clothed hands on therapy – very relaxing.

90 minutes – £70

2 hours Bone Washing and some extra hands on healing – £80


The McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Therapy

– The McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release is a very effective method of the treatment of old and recent scars. It is chiefly used for any scarring due to surgical intervention but has shown some good results over time with burn scars with regards to ease of movement and appearance.

First 1 hour session for consultation and treatment  – £40

Each 1 hour session – treatment and discussion – £30

Package of 6 x 30 minute sessions –  £150



Aloha Lomi Lomi Facial Massage with Hawaiian Healing Pamper Combo 

The Ultimate deeply relaxing Facial, head, neck and shoulders massage using my own natural oils Skin care Range with Amethyst and Quartz Crystals and Hawaiian Healing

2 hour Session – £90


The Facial Cupping Massage

Relaxing facial massage including the neck and shoulders using Coconut oil and the soft silicon cups.

1 hour – £60   



Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ( CBT )

– a form of  ‘Positive Psychology’ that aims to help people to overcome their emotional problems. CBT works on the principle that you can live more happily and productively if you’re thinking in healthier ways.

Initial first 2 hour session for CBT consultation and therapy  – £95

Clients coming for regular sessions after the initial session – 1 hour sessions – £65

CBT with some Reiki session – 90 minute session – £85

CBT and Reiki session – 2 hour session – £95

CBT and Hypnotherapy – 2 hour session – £100

CBT and Reflexology – 2 hour session – £110

CBT and Back, Neck and Head Massage – 2 hour session – £110


Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy – 

a short-term form of psychotherapy that helps you to identify self-defeating thoughts and feelings by challenging the rationality of those feelings by replacing them with healthier, more productive beliefs.  REBT focuses more on the emotions that are preventing you from coping and moving forward.

Initial first 2 hour session for RBT consultation and therapy  – £95

Clients coming for regular sessions after the initial session – 1 hour sessions – £65

RBT with some Reiki session – 90 minute session – £85

RBT and Reiki session – 2 hour session – £95

RBT and Hypnotherapy – 2 hour session – £100

RBT and Reflexology – 2 hour session – £100

RBT and Back, Neck and Head Massage – 2 hour session – £110


 Solution-based Counselling with Mindfulness Life Coaching –

 helps you to discover your own potential to discover your own solutions to the problems in your life and make changes. My part is to be a listener and helper on your path as we work together. This method utilises traditional parts of counselling with more modern methods.

First 2 hour session for consultation and time  – £95

Clients coming for regular sessions after the initial session – 1 hour sessions – £65


Neuro Linguistic Programming –

all about bringing about changes in perception and working on the principle that everyone has all the resources that they need to make positive changes.

Initial first 2 hour session for NLP consultation and therapy  – £95

Clients coming for regular NLP sessions after the initial session – 1 hour sessions – £65


 NLP combined with Mindfulness Life Coaching –

some stress-busting and Mindfulness techniques along with NLP to stop the self-sabotage, release the negative self-talk, overwhelming thoughts and emotions. I want to help you to learn how to take back control of your mind, emotions and decisions through Mindfulness.

First 2 hour NLP with Mindfulness Coaching session with consultation and time  – £95

Clients coming for regular sessions after the initial session – 1 hour sessions – £65

Fertile Body Method – Visualisations for Conception

Addressing the negative effects of infertility by reducing stress and increasing feelings of calm and relaxation, restores physical, mental and emotional well-being for both partners, 

Full Programme – 6 sessions – £390 (saving of £30)

1 hour- £70

1 ½ hour sessions – £90

2 hour sessions or Couple sessions – £100

Traumatic Birth Recovery Process 

– utilising the Rewind Technique to work through and release painful memories surrounding your birth experience.

I prefer to do steps 1 and 2 of the programme in a 2 hour session and provide you with a recording to listen to at home then a follow up 1 hour session for part 3 of the programme.

One Fee paid at the initial session – £100


Hypnotherapy –

a wonderfully relaxing way of changing the way that your mind relates to certain thoughts and feelings around specific people, places, situations and fears. We basically over-ride the old negative ways of thinking by creating ‘ new Neural Pathways ‘ to take their place until they become your new way of thinking.

I require an e-mail to prior to the first session with reference to the issues that we will be working on so that I can prepare instead of using the hour session for consultation/ discussion.

1 hour session  – £70


Weight-loss Hypnotherapy – single 1 hour session – £70

Hypnotherapy with some Reiki – 90 min session – £85

Hypnotherapy and Reiki – 2 hour session – £100

Hypnotherapy with Reflexology –  2 hour session – £110

Hypnotherapy and Back, Neck and Head Massage – 2 hour session – £110

Hypnotherapy with CBT, NLP or EFT -2 hour  – £110


Hypnotherapy & Reflexology Package –

for boosting fertility, and working with weight-loss and low self-esteem issues.

4 x 2 hour sessions…. all appointments must be pre-booked and full payment on first appointment  – £400


Past Life Regression Therapy – ZOOM

 a technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories of past lives or incarnations. It is thought that by allowing you to go into a lovely relaxed state, the unconscious mind allows us to uncover personal stories that help to explain who you are now. By using this technique as a form of therapy, the hope is that we may discover the root cause of an issue that affects you today that may have a connection with a past life.

2 hour PLR only session  – £120

3 hour session PLR with therapy/ healing – £150


Emotional Freedom Technique –

the session involves gently  ‘tapping a sequence of Meridian points’ on the face and body with the finger-tips while repeating an agreed phrase relating to a specific fear, emotion or issue. This approach resolves emotional distress and obtains rapid relief from all sorts of psychological problems.

1 hour EFT session  – £70

2 hour EFT session – £100

90 minute session – EFT with some Reiki session  – £85

2 hour session EFT and Reiki session – £100


 Smoking Cessation Programme –

a 2 hour session utilising some CBT to look at your emotional need for smoking, then addressing the habit by replacing it with something else, then enhancing that ‘new way of thinking’ with Hypnotherapy  

2 hours – £100


The HypnoBand Weight Loss Programme –

the whole process takes five x 1 hour sessions. Usually this is achieved over 6-8 weeks but this is flexible depending on your progress. The full fee must be paid and appointments booked at the initial Talking session (2 hour ) plus the four x 1 hour Hypnotherapy sessions 

Paid in full at first session – £360

Session 1- Discussing your past dieting history, cravings, habits, expectations and behaviours/ habits to be changed.  (Talking aspect of Programme)

Session 2 – Changing Behaviours  (Hypnosis )

Session 3 – Preparation for Surgery (Hypnosis)

Session 4 – Hypno-Band Gastric Band Operation (Hypnosis)

Session 5 – Adjusting the Gastric Band (Hypnosis)


HypnoBand and HappyWeight combined Programme –

the HypnoBand Hypnosis sessions plus CBT and/or Hypnotherapy to address cravings, anxiety, emotional eating, poor self-esteem and confidence issues.

Paid in full at the first session.
The Fee for the 5 sessions – £500


HypnoBand and Reflexology Combined Programme –

ideal for assistance with hormonal imbalance, IBS and food Intolerances, Bloating and other digestive problems affected by diet and stress.

Paid in full at the first session.
5 sessions of 2 hour Blocks which will cover HypnoBand Hypnotherapy sessions,talking aspect and Reflexology  – £500

Cash, Bank Transfer or Card payment (small fee added)
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