Innovative and effective hands-on therapy for the treatment 

The McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release is a very effective method of the treatment of old and recent scars.

MSTR is a gentle and profoundly effective, natural way of working on scar tissue. It can help the scar and surrounding areas rapidly return to a more normal state. MSTR is applied using gentle pressure moves with the fingertips.

How many sessions you will need depends on your skin type, how tight, ridged or deep the scar is, loss of sensation or sensitivity etc.
No force is involved in any way and it is not massage using creams or oils of any sort. The specific focused moves help to gently free the restrictions in the scar tissue.
It's a unique method that focuses solely on scar tissue and works with the collagen fibres in the scar. Generally not painful unless there is a lot of sensitivity around the scar fact some clients have fallen asleep with the relaxing music in the background.

It is chiefly used for any scarring due to surgical intervention but has shown some good results over time with burn scars with regards to ease of movement and appearance. Scarring such as -

    • Caesarean section scars
    • Hysterectomy scars
    • Spinal surgery scars Trauma scars from lacerations such as head wound scars, stab wounds, bullet wounds
    • Mastectomy scars
    • Amputations scars
    • Underlying scar tissue from laparoscopic surgery

We do not work on scars until they are well healed and no earlier than 8 weeks.... in some cases longer if the scar is slow healing for any reason.

The length of time working on the scar is determined by the size as it may be worked on in stages.

Healing trauma often takes place deeper down and not just on the surface ...

Photos below show some changes after only 1 or 2 short treatments. Results depend on the severity and size of the scar but at each stage there are improvements in redness, skin puckering, ease of movement etc as well as emotional release. Below is a Pancreatic Scar, a long Arm Scar and a Cesarean Section Scar.


 McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Treatment session Fees


First 1 hour session for consultation and treatment  - £40

Each 1 hour session thereafter - treatment and discussion £30

Package of 6 x 30 minute sessions - £150



Photo 1 - right - This was a Cesarean Section Scar that was very red and knobbly. The client had no emotional attachment to the scar even though the birth had been a traumatic experience for her but the appearance bothered her.

There was quite an improvement from the first session so we just worked it for one more session and she was pleased with the results.

Obviously the more sessions you have, the better the results but the key factor is that the client is happy with the appearance and any trauma removed.



Photo 2 - left - This client had a Pancreatic Scar that had healed many years before but still had a knobbliness to it and as you can see by the first image, it was red around the edges.

There is a special technique that is used on the scar that does not take long and you can see that after only one treatment the scar was visibly flatter and the redness had gone.

She went on to have another 2 sessions which helped to not only smooth and shrink the scar but released a lot of emotional issues connected with it.


Photo 3 - below - this client has only had 2 short sessions to date but I have added the results here to show how well the Cesarean section scar has already flattened out and lightened. She has been having some Fertility massage along with the Scar Tissue Release work to flatten out and release any underlying scar tissue. The appearance and feel of the scar did bother her so she is pleased with the results so far.


Photo 4 - below - was a very long arm scar from a fall on an icy pavement. It varied from thick knobbly areas to wide dry patches then tapered off and though well healed it still had a lot of redness throughout.

It was a particularly traumatic experience for this client from the fall to the time in hospital to how she felt about herself.

There were improvements right from the beginning but we decided to work on sections of the scar which were close to the shoulder and well past the elbow towards the lower half of her arm.

The results you see are the results from 5 sessions ... the top 2 photos were taken at the first session and the bottom 2 show how smooth and white the scar had become.

Apart from feeling much happier in herself as well as the appearance of the scar, the irritating itchiness had gone.