The Hypno-Band Weight Loss System was made available online due to the Covid restrictions and Lockdowns.

However, now that life has returned to a 'new normal', I have decided to carry on the option of doing the Programme online as well as in person.

It's a lovely relaxing way to lose weight using the power of Hypnotherapy which is ideal if you live overseas, elsewhere in the UK or are just tied down with personal commitments.

The whole programme consists of five sessions achieved over 6-8 weeks but this is flexible depending on your progress. The first Talking assessment session gives us time to discuss any emotional eating, bad habits etc.

I personally prefer not to use a scale other than the first session and final one but to take photos instead.

You can do weigh ins at home or by Boots the Chemist on their scales throughout the Programme but I find that you can see the changes in your body shape better by comparing photos.

A dress size or measurements mean nothing as far as I am concerned seeing as you can be a size 12 in one shop and a 16 in another due to different International sizing. But it is of course up to you to decide ....

Your "Happy Weight" is when you feel good in your clothes despite the label size. It is far more attainable too in the long run.

We look at portion sizes and food choices as well as which activities/exercise would target problem areas.

For the Operation, my preference to do it in person at the Rosemount Centre for Complimentary Therapies in Aberdeen for more authenticity using the theatre sounds and smells.

However, if this is not possible for you due to travel restrictions or any other issue, then it is entirely possible for us to do it over Zoom.

It's helpful if you can send me the 3 sets of photos - at the begining, after your operation and the final session preferably in your underwear otherwise tight-fitting clothing like a T-shirt and leggings so that we can see you body shape change.

I assure you that they are totally confidential and I delete the photos once you have completed the full Programme.

I make MP3 audio recordings that you can listen to between sessions to reinforce your new way of thinking.

Does it involve surgery?

No! The HYPNO-BAND system is a non-invasive behaviour changing method using the techniques of hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.

 Does it hurt?

On the contrary. The HYPNO-BAND procedure is extremely relaxing and pleasurable.

Are there any side effects?

No. There are no side effects associated with undergoing this procedure.

Am I suitable for the HYPNO-BAND weight loss System?

If you are over-weight and really want and are committed to losing weight then you should be suitable. The only exception would be if there is a physiological reason for your weight problems or if you are taking certain medications.

Will it work for me?

The key to success is YOU!
No weight loss system will work unless you are committed to losing weight. You must be prepared to change your eating habits and life-style. If you are totally serious about losing weight then it will certainly work for you. The HYPNO-BAND system provides you with the tools and ability to lose weight and maintain a healthier body.

How long does it take?

The whole programme takes five sessions in total. Usually this is achieved over 6 to 8 weeks but this is flexible depending on your progress.

So it's safe?

Yes! The HYPNO-BAND system is perfectly safe.

Will I be under your control?

Never. No hypnotherapist can make you do anything you do
not want to do nor make you behave in a way you would not normally behave.




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The fees according to whatever option you choose: please note that the fee is paid upfront which acts as an encouragement to stay motivated throughout the Programme 


⭐️ All of the sessions over ZOOM - £290

⭐️ Sessions 1-3 over ZOOM, Hypno-Band operation in person at my therapy room and then session 5 over ZOOM - £360


Support chats are available if required free of charge during and for a while afterwards via ZOOM, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger or e-mail.


Here is a run through of the Zoom Programme...

⭐️ Session 1- Talking aspect -  2 hour session time to discuss eating habits, lifestyle, and your weight loss journey so far.

⭐️ Session 2- Changing Behaviours Hypnotherapy - 1 hour session - focusing on better eating habits, motivation to exercise, cravings, binge-eating etc using Hypnotherapy and discussion.

⭐️ Session 3 - Preparation for Surgery Hypnotherapy - 1 hour session - meeting your Surgeon and discussing the process of your Gastric Band and discussion.

⭐️ Session 4 - Virtual Gastric Band Operation - Hypnotherapy - up to 2 hours for this session -  Hypnotherapy using real theatre sounds to mimic the real operation along with time for discussion about your diet plan, any questions etc. Very powerful and believable to the Subconscious mind. You would send me another set of photos.

⭐️ Session 5 - Adjusting the Band Hypnotherapy session - 1 hour session of returning to the Surgeon's office to have a minor operation to tighten the band some more just as you would in reality if the band had loosened and some final discussion.

There is normally a gap of 5 -8 weeks after the operation before this last session to allow for some weight-loss and looking at new ways of maintaining that weight loss. We would compare the 3 sets of photos to see how your body shape has changed and discuss where you go from there ...

If this appeals to you then please get in touch to either go ahead and book or have a free 30 minute ZOOM chat before booking.

Zoom is very easy to connect to via a laptop, tablet or most phones. I set the meetings at a time that suits you ( just like booking an appointment) and you just click on the link that I send you ... no need to download Zoom.

You will see results dependent on your progress re portion and lifestyle changes and it will give you that kickstart to continue until you reach your desired weight and maintain that with your new way of thinking about food and activity in your life.

Example 1 – This petite lady  had difficulty losing weight by exercising due to having had a stroke which left some paralysis on the right side of her body causing more weight gain on that side.

She also needed a walking stick as she got so tired walking about which was affecting her posture and making her stoop forwards.

She was also on quite a lot of medication and one in particular had weight gain as a side effect. We formulated a simple exercise plan that she could do while sitting in her chair watching TV and over time, it balanced out the two sides.

She also lost some weight and felt more positive about losing the rest gradually as she had altered her portion size and made lifestyle changes.

The first photos in blue were taken at the first session and the second lot of photos were taken at the final session so we see an 8 week gap between the two.

She chose the Hypnoband and Happyweight Programme so we had 2 hours at each session to work through emotional, physical and lifestyle changes.

Even though she was limited in her abilities due to Fibromyalgic pain and loss of mobility, she felt empowered to carry on and was pleased with herself instead of feeling tired and frustrated. We also looked at how certain outfits made her look larger and hid her lovely hourglass figure as well as making her legs look short. She started dressing to complement her figure rather than hide it.

Example 2 – The next set of photos are actually of myself when I was going through a lot of personal stress in my life and I was bingeing on red wine and junk food (emotional and comfort eating).

I had also had an operation which appeared to trigger the Menopause, my immune system was depleted and I developed  several chronic health conditions. I was on daily medication for Menieres Disease, Asthma, High Blood Pressure, GERD and Silent Reflux.

Due to the vertigo, dizziness, drop attacks and chronic fatigue with the Menieres at that time, I struggled to walk for even short distances so I really didn’t get any exercise.

I knew I was overweight but looking back now at these photo’s I didn’t realise exactly how much I’d gained. It had just sort of gradually crept up !!

To top it all, I developed the ‘fat around the middle Menopausal-belly’, double chin and bigger boobs. I knew where my ‘Target areas’ were and the photos confirmed this. I followed the Hypnoband Programme and you can see the difference 8 weeks later here in photo 3.

The Mid-section still needed toning up but at that point, my balance still wasn’t good enough to cope with Yoga or other forms of exercise. I actually had to give up massaging clients for 3 years.

Photo 4 dressed in blue top and jeans showed a marked difference a few months later.

My figure has been up and down since then due to allowing bad habits and being lazy during the Covid-19 Lockdowns along with a heavy dose of steroids when I had a bad asthma attack so it really does need to be a lifestyle change just like any other diet/weight loss Programme.

However, the idea with the Hypnoband Programme is that you focus on eating smaller portions and lead a more active life rather than bingeing and sitting around all day if you have a sedentary job and just watching lots of TV.

It’s natural to gain weight again at certain times in your life … perhaps you went on a long cruise and ate and drank lots … perhaps you fell pregnant and had a few babies …perhaps you started progressing towards Menopause …. perhaps you broke your leg … perhaps there were too many pub quizzes with friends …. there are so many reasons why the healthy eating and exercise routines can go out the door.

The good thing about this Programme is that you can just set your mind to it, look at your notes, listen to the Hypnotherapy tracks and start again until you are back on track.

If you feel happier using a tape measure, weighing yourself on medical scales at Boots Pharmacy or your own than just going by the fit of your clothes and how you look in photos …. then that’s fine. Work out a system that feels right for you.

You develop a lifestyle and an eating plan that suits you, eating the foods you enjoy (although some choices would be in moderation of course) … as well as activities that you enjoy which can be Yoga, swimming, walking, dancing, golf, cycling, hiking or going to the gym !!

During the Programme, you can follow any eating plan that suits you and that you enjoy such as Vegetarian, Scottish Slimmers, Pescotarian, Vegan, High Protein Meat diets etc.

This is not a specific diet plan …. it’s about looking at food in a different way, listening to your body’s natural hunger signals rather than eating because it’s a set meal time … as well as eating smaller portions of the foods you enjoy.


❣️ I got the Hypno-Band therapy just over a year ago in the February 2021 …

Oh wow I’m so glad I did….. To date I have lost 3 stone and still loosing. I eat a lot healthier and smaller portions.

I do have the occasional treats but where once i would happily have eaten a 6 pack multi pack crisps in one sitting I can have 1 pack and be totally satisfied. Where I was too lazy to cook and would just snack now I enjoy making healthy meals..

The whole process was easy to do and Karen explained everything perfectly I did a few sessions over Zoom and travelled to Aberdeen for the final procedure then tighten hypno but every session was beneficial, being able to listen to download and tighten band every so often is a great bonus….

The hypno sessions on resetting the mindset alone made such a difference just changing my eating habits and thoughts about myself improved myself confidence. I see a different me when I look in the mirror now …

Would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone struggling with self confidence, weight issues and or willpower xxxx         Laura, Perth



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