Understanding how EFT works

An EFT session involves gently ‘ tapping a sequence of Meridian points ‘ on the face and body with the finger-tips while repeating an agreed phrase relating to a specific fear, emotion or issue. This approach resolves emotional distress and obtains rapid relief from all sorts of psychological problems.

It can be applied to any circumstances regardless of the emotion or situation as we all have feelings and reactions to every problem that affects us. Effective in dealing with nicotine, alcohol and food cravings which is often a concern that food will replace cigarettes and weight gain will be a problem. It is very effective for long-standing habitual patterns.

It really is a remarkably easy technique to learn and work with … yet also very powerful in the way that it re-balances the energies, releases unwanted emotions and re-programmes the brain to process the data in a different way to illicit a feeling of inner calm.

To help you stop smoking cigarettes or vaping, we look at the lifestyle changes that you can make to break old habits then tap to re-programme the way that you think about cigarettes, vaping, stress and food.

First we look at your history of when you started smoking, all the times you tried to stop and how effective it was. We address any stressful times that make you smoke more or fears about weight gain etc.

We look at a day in your life, evenings, weekends and social times when you habitually smoke and replace the habit of smoking with something else. The session is for 2 hours and we spend the first hour discussing these issues then the second half is the EFT tapping.

After the session, you hand over your cigarettes, lighter or vaping stuff as you no longer need them ... and you go forward in life as a non-smoker knowing that you can use EFT whenever if ever you need it in the future.

Not only will you improve your health and prolong your life but you will save a lot of money that could go towards a lovely  holiday away with your loved ones ♥

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The fee for the 2 hour session - £100



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