Special Offers for 2023 and 2024

The perfect opportunity to try out a wide variety of Therapies


⭐️ Remaining Special Offers for 2023 

June – 2 hour Full Body Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage – £60  


July – 2 hour Kahi Loa – a form of Shamanic Vibrational Energy Healing using strokes on the body fully clothed – £60    REVIEWS


August – 90 minute Reiki Fusion of Drum, Reiki Healing Empowerment and hands on healing ( does not attune you to Reiki but assists with receiving deeper healing) – £60


September – 2 hour Hot Stone Back, Neck & Head Massage with Reiki Stressbuster – £60


October – 2 hour Neck and Head Massage with Reflexology Stressbuster – £60


November  2 hour session of Aromatherapy deeply relaxing full body massage including head massage – £60


December 2 hour Hawaiian Ho’ono ho’iwi – known as Bone Washing –  a relaxing ancient form of therapeutic massage used to aid the process of clearing and releasing “memories/ cherished wounds” along with the corresponding physical and emotional pain –  £60



⭐️ Treated myself to Reiki and Reflexology session with the lovely Karen Rome the other day, fell asleep and didn’t want the session to end totally recommend her, such a nice woman. The price is such a BARGAIN.. Check it Out 😊   Mel Bruce


⭐️ Lomi Lomi massage has to be the most relaxing and nurturing massage I’ve ever had – and I’ve had quite a few over the years! Lying on the lovely wide bed in a generously warmed up room, Karen slowly works up your body with the fragrant coconut oil.

One of the biggest differences is that the Lomi Lomi massage uses the whole arm in gentle sweeping movements and this, combined with the Hawaiian music playing in the background, allows you to totally chill. My favourite part is when one of Karen’s arms is underneath the body and she massages the abdomen – it feels like a big hug! Book a treatment with Karen and you won’t be disappointed.   Heather, Aberdeen


 ⭐️ Trying to put into a few short words the many ways in which the CBT, Reiki and Reflexology helped me is impossible !!

 I wouldn’t be understating things to say that with Karen’s help and support, my life was truly changed. Our end goal of a pregnancy and birth were achieved, but there were so many other benefits too. Over a year has passed since my last treatment and I still say to myself “What would Karen say?” during times of stress !!   She is a positive and calm voice in my head.      Julie, Aberdeen


⭐️  I was honoured to receive a Kahi Loa Hawaiian treatment from Karen last week. I wasn’t sure what to expect but knew it would be relaxing as Karen always creates a relaxing loving environment with her treatments. The treatment involves a 7 strokes healing massage, fully clothed, and each technique brought me deeper into a wonderfully relaxed space where I was able to zone out into a meditative state.During the treatment I felt little twinges of releasing energy and that night, for the first night in several weeks, I slept deeply. The next morning my lower back, which has been problematic for months, was looser and needed far less stretching than normal. Karen is first port of call for any holistic therapy as I trust her completely and just love the feeling I’m left with even hours after the treatment is finished.  Angela, Aberdeen


⭐️  Bone Washing is a very relaxing and soothing experience where Karen gently massages in small circular movements systematically all over the body. She asked me to set my intention for releasing unwanted energy  before the treatment. It left me feeling relaxed, peaceful and calm.    Dana, Aberdeen


⭐️ I was pretty overwhelmed with the reflexology yesterday and that I felt your stuff as soon as you touched me. Never experienced anything like it. I remember you saying you’ll feel my heat soon but I already was Karen … NEVER experienced that from reflexology before. So it’s you 🤣🤣 Your a star thank you and looking forward to an another session.

Absolutely Amazed by this beautiful ladies healing talents. Had a fantastic 2hr Reflexology and Reiki session with her. Had a bad episode of tonsillitis this last week and didn’t even mention it in consultation. It was the first time I had visited Karen at the Rosemount Centre, so just wanted to see what like and not give too much away. She went 1 hr Reflexology straight into an hour of Reiki. I’ve had Reflexology many times but only been practiced on by a Reiki rookie in training once before. I was blown away by the session and at the end she discussed her findings. First thing she said was the throat area she picked up on 😮😮 I was overwhelmed at how spot on and good she was. x SUZI


⭐️ I have been to see Karen for some relaxation massages and it has been excellent, she is very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Karen as it has been a big help for me!!      Keith, Aberdeen


⭐️ I had a session of EFT and Hypnotherapy with Karen because I suffer from anxiety. It was amazing. I had never felt like that before. Very relaxing. She also gave me  techniques that I will be able to use myself when I feel anxious. It will be so useful.        Miss H, Aberdeen


⭐️ Hi Karen, I just wanted to say a massive thanks for my message last night, this is the first morning in a long time that I have woken up without a headache and it feels amazing! ☺️  Caroline, Aberdeen


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