Reiki Master/ Teacher - Home Study plus 2 days Practical Training Intensive - £510


What you will receive in your Course Pack

* The 230 page Glossy soft cover manual professionally printed and bound

* Teaching Empowerment and Attunement DVd

* 2 Audio CD's

* Soft cover professionally-printed 100 A4 page Reiki Journal



You will receive the Reiki Course Pack by post before your workshop - this allows you to read through the contents beforehand…… leaving us plenty of time for more Practical work on the Workshop days.

Your Reiki Master Teacher course represents the end of one journey and the start of another and you have a wealth of knowledge within the manual and Teaching Reiki book.

The Reiki Evolution “Reiki Master Teacher Course Planner” was designed by International Reiki Master Teacher Taggart King to help RMT students to set up and run their own Reiki First and Second Degree courses and to continually develop their courses over time.

This Planner helps you to:

  • Establish your teaching goals
  • Focus on what you want your students to have experienced
  • Decide what you want your students to know how to practise
  • Set down the important principles you want to convey.

You will find course planning sheets, blank course schedules, and places to make notes on each aspect or technique you want to include, including hand position ‘blanks’ for you to draw and make notes on each hand position you teach.

And once you are running courses for yourself, you can use our Course Records to keep track of each course you run, noting any highlights or challenges and any interesting questions or experiences. When you have run a few courses, you can then use our Course Review sheets to look back, to see what’s working well and what needs tweaking, and you can then use your insights and learnings to plan how to make your courses even better.

The goal here is continual development and improvement!

You spend time working through the Study pack at your leisure then attend a Two Day Practical course with a maximum of 4 Students.

This gives you time to go over your notes whenever it suits you before and after the Course and really enjoy your Practical Day without being concerned about remembering everything.

It’s really important for you to have read the manual by the Workshop day as we will focus purely on the practical aspect and any recapping will be done if there is time at the end of the day or you can contact me after the course.

No need to bring your manual as I will make everything as easy as possible for you with Empowerment, Symbols, Attunement and Kotodama sheets for you to use.


The Full fee is £510 and can be paid in full or the deposit then rest of fee at the Workshop. It is also possible to set up a payment plan with me to pay in installments if this is easier for you. 


Payment can also be via Bank Transfer if that is your preference - I will give you my details when you contact me by text or e-mail to discuss your booking -07733 113138


Booking and Payments Via the Website Shop - it will add on a Postage Fee

Reiki Master Deposit



♦ Reiki Master Full Fee


What we will cover over the Practical Workshop Days

Both Days - 10am till 5pm

* Welcome , Introduction to Reiki Mastership and Overview of the Course

* Discussion of the Usui and 'Tibetan' Master Symbols

* The Reiki Kotodama - Exploration of the Sacred Sound

* Experiencing their Energies by Chanting together in a group

* Learning how to use the Kotodama

* Distant Healing practise using the Kotodama

* Receive 3 Reiki Master Empowerment Connections to the energy

* The importance of intent and how you can combine the Kotodama and Reiki Symbol energies

* Demonstration and Explanation of the Reiju Empowerment processes

* Watch a video of demonstrations

* Practise giving a full treatment on each other using Reiji Ho, Reiki techniques from Reiki 2 and the Kotodama energies

* Perceiving the Chakras Practise session

* 'Frequency Setting' Practise session

* Practise sessions of all levels of the Reiju Empowerments on each other so that you confident about 'empowering' others

* Demonstration and Explanation of the Attunement processes

* Recieve the Western Style Master Attunement

* Overview of the Western-style Attunements

* Practise sessions on one another so that you feel confident about 'attuning' others

* Conclusion of the Workshop - Q & A

* Receive your Reiki Master / Teacher Certificate


2 Day Intensive Workshops at the Centre for 2024

3 Options - Saturdays, Sundays or a full Weekend

 2 X SUNDAYS - 18th & 25th - AUGUST
 2 X SATURDAYS - 1st & 8th - DECEMBER


Weekend Intensive Zoom Workshop Dates for 2023 (1 or 2 students only)



Dates are by request so quite flexible which is important seeing as you require a model/models to work on wherever you are and I will give you individual Attunements during the Workshops distantly in real time