Reiki Evolution Student Refresher Workshop Day

This single day course takes you through the essential practices of Reiki Evolution First and Second Degree courses and is mainly practical: you will receive empowerments, you will meditate and carry out energy exercises and you will practise treating each other in different ways, so you will emerge from the course quite blissed-out on energy, and full of confidence and enthusiasm to move forward with your Reiki.

On the run-up to the course you will have refamiliarised yourself with the course materials for Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 … and then you are all ready for a day of practical stuff!

First Degree will be covered during the morning and Second Degree in the afternoon and by the end of the day you will feel confident and knowledgeable and ready to make Reiki part of your life again.


We will practise on the chairs as well as the therapy couches.


The Fee for the Reiki Refresher Workshop Day (covering First and Second Degree) is £190


3 Options

❣️ Pay in full to me when you book and receive a Reiki 1 and 2 Manual ( fill in form below)


❣️Pay £80 non-refundable deposit fee to Reiki Evolution for the Downloads and MP3’s and to book your place with me. The remaining £110 payable is to myself just before or on the Workshop day – (Click here to go to the Webpage)


❣️ If you still have your manuals or downloads from previous Workshops then pay a discounted fee directly to me when you book your place – £160 (Fill in form below)




Reiju empowerment

Hatsurei ho

Self-treatment meditation


The Reiki Precepts

Treating other people



Reiju empowerments

Meditating on CKR and SHK

Using CKR and SHK to treat others

Distant healing

Using intent when you treat

Working intuitively: “Reiji ho


🚘 These Workshops will be available on Saturdays and Sundays. Street parking for 3 hours nearby or by the Denburn car park where you can pay for the duration of the Workshop. Free street parking on Sundays.



Upcoming Dates ( 6 maximum)

March 4 – Saturday
April 9th – Sunday


Any questions or if you’d like to book your place, then get in touch here 👇


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