Reiki Empowerment for Personal Wellness during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Hi everyone I will be adding Online Reiki Workshops but I felt that a lot of people need something now to help ease the anxiety around illness and financial worries.

Also you may want to give yourself and your loved ones or flatmates some daily Reiki to create emotional well-being and help you to sleep more restfully.

Finances are a big worry especially for those waiting for the promised government assistance …. so I have decided to “gift” the distant Reiki Empowerment with my “Pay What You Can” Paypal link. You can also gift it/ pay it forward for someone else as long as they would be happy to accept your gift. I’d need their details to confirm this with them.


You will receive an e-mail from me with some instruction notes and request for a photo so that I can focus on you while sending it.

This is NOT a Reiki Workshop, however you can go on and do a Reiki 1 online or in a class once life returns to normal. Any extra Empowerments you receive whether by myself or any other Reiki Master/ Teacher will simply enhance the energy.

Any payment you make is fine and will be gladly received. If you are interested then make your payment using this link then fill in the contact form below. Please let me know who the Empowerment is for and what day or time suits you.

I will be booking a time in my diary to be available for you between 10am and 10pm (9pm latest) and  I will get back in touch with you either by e-mail or by text if that is what you prefer. I’m a Night Owl so appointment can be during the day or evening ….  no plans to go anywhere …lol


To view distant Reiki healing and reviews then click HERE


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