The perfect keepsake for those who do not want Remedies ... we can plaster cast your Placenta on it's own or have it framed with your baby's feet. They can be painted in any colour that you want. Placentas come in all shapes and sizes and have the most amazing vein structure which has earned it the name " Tree of Life".

Placentas that have been in the freezer may not have the same defination of the vein structure as a fresh placenta. The ones that I cast were collected immediately and cast straightaway while still plump.

The Alginate that I use is not toxic so perfect for Pregnancy Belly casts and newborn babies as it is similar to the products used by Dentists to make moulds of your teeth.

However, the Placenta cannot then be used for Remedies after the casting .... it may be buried in the garden to nourish the earth for your plants. You can take it back to the hospital or I can dispose of it if you do not want to bury it yourself.

I completed a Professional Plaster Casting training in 2017 and just decided one day to be creative and try all sorts of things and had lots of fun doing so ....


Price List - currently still under construction