Karuna Ki Reiki Level One – Deposit Fee




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This is the Deposit Only Option – £80

The full fee of this Practitioner Workshop is £160 so the remaining £80 fee will be payable on your Workshop date.

🔹️ It is important to know your symbols and have studied the Manual before your Workshop as that day is for practise the techniques.

This fee is non-refundable as you will receive your Study Pack as soon as you book your place.

⭐️ Please read the Terms and Conditions

Please make sure that I have your contact details, address and which Workshop date suits you.

Dates and Info HERE

You can progress to the next level after completing your Usui Reiki 2 Practitioner training.

You will book your Workshop and receive your Manual by post before your Practical Day to enable you to have the Study time at home at your own pace then a recap with Practise time on the Workshop Days.

Karuna Ki energy is different from Usui Reiki.

Most Practitioners including myself have found it more powerful and deeper than Usui Reiki.

Karuna Ki Reiki has a more definate feeling and works on all the energy bodies simultaneously. Although Practitioners have their own different ways of experiencing energy, most including myself, feel the energy around the body (aura) as well as within the hands.

Karuna Ki has a more profound grounding effect as particular symbols serve the purpose of aligning the lower chakras.

Practitioners often feel a deeper connection with the Enlightened Beings that assist with the healing.

Karuna Ki chanting helps to release issues of all kinds in a powerful yet gentle way assisting us to help in a deeper way.

Some characteristics of the Karuna Ki Reiki Symbols used for Healing

Symbol 1 – Assists in healing on a cellular level, heals past issues, heals and releases deep issues

Symbol 2 – Assists in healing unconscious patterns, heals our Shadow Self, as well as trauma

Symbol 3 – A deep healing symbol assisting in healing relationships, developing more compassion

Symbol 4 – Assists with balancing the chakras, room clearing, clearing the mind and feeling more grounded


What you will learn on this Workshop from 10am till 5pm 

Overview of the history of Karuna Ki Reiki

 Learn about the Level 1 Karuna Ki symbols, how to use and activate them

Learn how you can use the 4 Symbols in treatments

Chanting and Toning

The Shadow Self Meditation

Hand Mudras and Scanning

Practise on one another

The Karuna Ki Level 1 Attunement

Certificate and information on progression



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