Placenta Remedies and Fees


The Placenta is transformed into Capsules using the Traditional Chinese Method of first steaming with lemon, ginger and green chilli before being dehydrated in a food dehydrator until crisp. There are no added ingredients – simply pure Placenta. The dried Placenta pieces are then ground very fine and placed into Vegetarian capsules easy for you to digest. No extra charge if you would like to have a blood Placenta Print and/or a dehydrated Placenta cord.



The Simple method is simply the Dehydration Process as above but dehydrated for much longer before transforming into Capsules. No extra charge if you would like to have a blood Placenta Print and/or a dehydrated Placenta cord.



The Placenta is transformed into Capsules by following both the Steamed and Simple methods which allow you to have the option of using both Capsules at different times. The TCM of Steamed Capsules are Yin being that they are more calming whereas The Simple method is more Yang and may be helpful if you need extra energy perhaps in the days following delivery. No extra charge if you would like to have a blood Placenta Print and/or a dehydrated Placenta cord.



I will collect your Placenta from your home or Aberdeen Maternity as soon as you have birthed and prepare it into small frozen chunks ready for you to blend with spring water and fruits of your choice. For more info on the benefit, click HERE



An essence is simply that – the essence or vibrational energy of your Placenta. A fresh piece of your Placenta is tinctured in distilled water, allowed to ‘steep’ then strained off and some alcohol such as vodka or brandy added to the strained fluid. This makes up an essence which is half alcohol and half placenta water. It creates a long-lasting, pure “Mother Essence” with a variety of uses such as during times of transition, illness, stress, emotional upheaval or hormonal imbalance. It is stored in a large bottle and a small dropper bottle for everyday use. Suggested dosage is 1-4 drops in water. If stored in a cool dry place, the Placenta Essence should last indefinitely.



The Tincture is made by using a piece of the mother’s raw Placenta after birth and steeping it in alcohol. This makes a strong remedy over a 6 week period. The dosage is generally 10-40 drops in water two or three times a day during times of need rather than sometimes to take on an ongoing basis.



Remedies are 30c for Mother and 7c for baby. The fee includes postage. I act as the middle man by sending a piece or capsule to our Homeopath. She will post the remedies to you and provide you with a booking form should you decide to order more from her directly. To view the benefits, tap on this LINK to her description of benefits to Mother and Baby.


CAPSULES & PLACENTA SMOOTHIE PACKAGE – £300 – only available for my Doula clients

You can have the Simple or Steamed Method Capsules along with some frozen Placenta pieces and have the benefit of both as soon as possible after birth. I aim to deliver within 24- 36 hours. A smoothie can be made straight after delivery at the hospital or at home.


PLACENTA BALMS , CREAMS, MASSAGE BARS and FACIAL OILS – under construction at the moment

I have my own range of skincare – Baby balm (no Essential Oil) , Moisturing Creams, Body Butters, and Facial oils with Essential Oils.

All of the products are made with natural bases with added essential oils and sold as a skin care range called ” Smells So Good” …. however we can make up a Placenta oil that you can purchase separately and add to your Cream, Butter, Facial Oil or Baby Balm.

The Placenta Oil allows you to benefit from the goodness of the Placenta and Stem Cells.


🌸 For more info on the benefits of the Remedies, click HERE

🌸 Guide for Expectant Parent, click HERE


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