Placenta Encapsulation

There are a variety of Placenta Remedies which make full use of the Placenta, membranes and cord. We can create words such as LOVE or Baby’s name dependent on the length of the cord as well as Blood Placenta Prints. Both of these are optional and free of charge.

If you do not want a Cord Keepsake, you have the option of turning it into capsules along with the membrane and membrane … or have a plaster cast made.

You can choose just one or a combination of the different Remedies to benefit both yourself and your baby.

As a Placenta Specislist I can process your placenta In smoothies, pills, tinctures, essences and homeopathy for you to take throughout your postnatal period.

My Placenta Encapsulation Reviews HERE

  An example of a happy mum !!

“I wanted to leave a review for others looking to do placenta encapsulation. This is my second time. First time with Karen as I lived in Australia before.
I would highly recommend Karen for all your placenta needs post birth.
I had my 4th home birth and my placenta was delivered to Karen on the day and I got it back the following day, super fast service. The goodness of these pills is like nothing you can explain from having not done encapsulation with my first 2 babies to having done it with the following 2 babies.
Energy levels, iron levels, milk supply and generally feeling great so fast. You heal quicker and I stopped bleeding after 5 days. Magic pills is the perfect name for them.
Thanks for all your help Karen.
P.s Karen does an amazing pregnancy Lomi Lomi massage:) Kerri McAulay ~ Kemnay, Aberdeenshire


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