Placenta Encapsulation Reviews


🌸 Hi Karen! Hope you’re well. I wanted to let you know what a positive experience I’ve had with the placenta capsules. They have undoubtedly played a part in my recovery and overall well-being. Should I have another child, I would absolutely do it again. I tell anyone who will listen 😂 thanks again for your advice and excellent customer service.  Jennifer Dundee, Aberdeen


🌸 I wanted to leave a review for others looking to do placenta encapsulation. This is my second time. First time with Karen as I lived in Australia before.
I would highly recommend Karen for all your placenta needs post birth.
I had my 4th home birth and my placenta was delivered to Karen on the day and I got it back the following day, super fast service. The goodness of these pills is like nothing you can explain from having not done encapsulation with my first 2 babies to having done it with the following 2 babies.
Energy levels, iron levels, milk supply and generally feeling great so fast. You heal quicker and I stopped bleeding after 5 days. Magic pills is the perfect name for them.
Thanks for all your help Karen.
P.s Karen does an amazing pregnancy Lomi Lomi massage:) Kerri McAulay ~ Kemnay, Aberdeenshire


🌸 Can highly recommend Karen and her services. She was professional, very friendly and made our experience a positive one.     Lynne – Inverurie


🌸 Hi Karen, was just thinking yesterday I should drop you a message and let you know how I was getting on…. to sum it up I feel fantastic 😍 have had so much energy and have been feeling really upbeat and happy – absolutely buzzing really! Even night feeds have been a breeze 😅 Little Elsie has been so good so far too – she’s a little sweetheart! Thanks again for everything 😍 the tablets have made this new born experience so much more enjoyable than my last one with max, there might even be a third child now 😉 (haven’t told Zack that ha!) xxx    Jenna – Aberdeen


🌸 Hi Karen, thank you so much, I think the capsules are helping lots, have been complimented lots on looking “really well” and I think they’re helping me manage a touch of the baby blues too. Brannon is just a ray of light and has brought us so much joy already 🙂 he just melts my heart. Thank you for the lovely cord work as well and wonderful print xxx          Vicky – Aberdeen


🌸 I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thanks very much for my tablets. The process was seamless & turn around extremely fast. Thanks again.           Clare – Aberdeen


🌸 Hi Karen I just wanted to say a big thank you for an amazing service, so far I am feeling good and have a great milk supply which has never happened before! Xx       Harri – Aberdeen


🌸 Highly recommend the capsules. Been feeling great, extra energy and great mood. Karen offers an excellent service throughout and can’t thank her enough for coming up to the hospital at the time of delivery.          Vikki – Oyne


🌸 I had my placenta encapsulated by Karen for my first baby and it was all fantastic and stress free. Karen gave us all the instructions we needed beforehand so when our minds were busy on the baby’s arrival we didn’t have to think about anything except letting her know! I had a homebirth on a Saturday morning and had my capsules delivered to me by the Sunday! I would definitely recommend Karen, and will be using her again when the times comes!       Melissa – Aberdeen


🌸 I had my placenta encapsulated with my first pregnancy and found the benefits to be tremendous. I was happy to use Karen’s services for my second pregnancy. Karen was very professional with a personal touch. She talked us through the process and alleviated any concerns that my husband had about encapsulation. Karen literally provided door to door service which we found incredibly convenient with a newborn and a three year old at home! I would highly recommend her services!

Natasha – Aberdeen


🌸 Hi Karen, that’s us away to leave hospital. Just wanted to update you. I have been taking amount advised and I have not encountered “baby blues ” as yet now day 4 usual for me around day three. I have been up every day had a shower. Feeling great except a bit sore. Thanks for everything btw midwives were asking for your details as Mums ask her about encapsulations and they didn’t have any details so I hope your okay that I passed them over x         Danielle – Kineller