Past Life Recall, Regression and Therapy

Past Life Recall

A technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories of past lives or incarnations. It is thought that by allowing you to go into a lovely relaxed state, the unconscious mind allows us to uncover personal stories that help to explain who you are now.


Past Life Regression Therapy

A technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories of past lives or incarnation. By using this technique as a form of therapy, the hope is that we may discover the root cause of an issue that affects you today that may have a connection with a past life.


Lives Between Lives Regression

A deep hypnotic state that may occur during a Past Life Regression.

This technique was originally pioneered by Dr Michael Newton whilst exploring past lives with his patients which allowed people to access a state of consciousness where they could recall their life as a soul, in the “between life” or “after-life” state.


Future Life Progression

Founded by Anne Jirsch and discovered during past life regressions with clients where they would jump forward into the future instead of regressing into the past.

FLP can often help you to view the future differently and give you the opportunity to make changes needed to live and pursue the life you choose.

It’s a very interesting experience and some clients will go deeper than others. Some may find what they are looking for in one session whereas others need more experiences or more chances to surrender to the process.

It is very safe as you cannot get “trapped” in a past life but your experience is dependent on how relaxed you feel.

Please note –

I merely facilitate the process and we “discuss” what you are experiencing during the session.

There are no guarantees but most people do have some sort of experience.

It is a wonderful relaxed state and you are fully in control at all times.


Session times and Fees

2 hour PLR only session  – £120

3 hour session PLR with therapy/ healing  £150




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