Okuden -Home Study and Practical Training Workshop - £190


What you will receive in your Okuden Study Pack

The 110 page, Glossy soft cover manual professionally printed and bound as well as your Reiki Workout book

Your Reiki manual contains a wealth of knowledge and techniques which is equivalent to more than two days training.  You will receive your Study Pack when you book.

In this comprehensive, informative book, Taggart provides a multitude of detailed, practical exercises and guidance on strengthening sensitivity and intuition. He also explores more advanced techniques on how to work with Reiki, and intent, on a deeper level for the benefit of both you and clients.

You spend time before your practical training day working through the manual and book and will likely enjoy re-reading after the practical training too.

Classes are small with a maximum of 4 students.

It’s really important for you to have read the manual and know your hand positions, Symbols and how to use them by the Workshop day as we will focus purely on the practical aspect and any recapping will be done if there is time at the end of the day or you can contact me after the course.

This gives you time to go over everything whenever it suits you before and after the Course and really enjoy your Practical Day without being concerned about remembering everything  !!

It's not necessary for you to bring your manual on the day although you can take some notes as we recap should you wish. Payment can also be made by cash or bank transfer - contact me to arrange. Otherwise payment online details are below.

If you prefer to pay by bank transfer when you book rather than use the links below and make arrangements to collect your Study Pack from the Centre, then I remove the card fees and postage and charge  £190  for the Workshop.

The Full fee is £190  -  you can pay £80 (non-refundable) to book your place on the course and receive your study pack - then the further payment of £110 on the practical workshop date or you can choose to pay in full when you book


Option 1 - Pay the Deposit Only - You would pay the remaining  £110  on your Workshop day - you'll notice initial fee is  £80



Option 2 - Pay the full Fee now while booking your place - the full fee is  £190



Please read the Terms and Conditions


What we cover on the Workshop Day - 10am till 5pm

Welcome , Introduction and a Review of what has been happening since you completed your Level 1 training.

Hatsurei Ho and the Symbol Meditations to experience the different qualities of each symbol

Receive the  3 Reiki Empowerment Connections

Chanting together in a group to feel the group energy

Distant Reiki Healing practise using the energies of the 3 Symbols

Short Hands on treatment using the symbols to feel the difference between them

Practise working intuitively using Reiji Ho and the Mudra .... letting the energy move your hands

Recap sending the energy in new ways - with your eyes and your breath, beaming and radiating the energy

Recap the various ways of using the symbols to treat others

Give a full treatment on one another using a variety of Reiki energy techniques along with the Symbols

Progression to the next level

Your Okuden Reiki Certificate


THE ZOOM WORKSHOP DAY - 10am till 5pm (or 10am till 4pm if one Student)

The ZOOM version will run with the same format as the in-person Workshop as it will be a live interactive Workshop from my therapy room. One-to-one training or two students maximum so that I can observe you and send your Empowerment during the day.

You will require a model or models to work on and some background music from a CD player or your phone.

Your fee will be the same and can be paid in full when you receive your study pack or £82 (non-refundable) to book then the other £113 the day before the class by Bank Transfer or Paypal. Please make arrangements with me about which option you prefer.


Workshop Dates at the Centre for 2024 a mix of Saturdays & Sundays

July 14th - Sunday
September 29th - Sunday
November 23rd - Saturday

Zoom Interactive Workshop Dates 2023



Dates are by request so quite flexible which is important seeing as you require a model/models to work on wherever you are and I will give you individual Attunements during the Workshops distantly in real time