I am a fully qualified IPEN International Placenta Encapsulation Network specialist currently working in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and hoping to cover further afield in time.

I am also registered with the Placenta Remedies Network and hold certificates in Infection Control, Food Hygiene & HACCP (FSMS)

​This training ensures I am completely qualified to ensure your placenta is treated in the safest & most sterile conditions.

If you have read through the Placenta Remedies page and are keen to have Encapsulation or Placenta and/or Cord Plaster Casts done as a unique memory , just fill in the form below and I will e-mail a booking form and other info to you.

It's necessary to do this as I am only able to offer this service in Aberdeen, Scotland. If you live in the Highlands then we make arrangements for someone to bring the Placenta to me and you have the option of collection or next day delivery post.

I do not charge any extra mileage / taxi costs for collection and drop off from Aberdeen Maternity or if you live in Aberdeen City and have a home birth.

The only extra cost would be if the Capsules were being sent by post then I would add that to your payment.

You pay a non-refundable fee of £50 to book then the remainder of the fee by 37/38 weeks.

If you decide to have some Remedies made while being induced or have already birthed and I am available to do that for you ... full payment must be made by bank transfer, a Paypal link or via my Website when I collect the Placenta or someone drops it off by me. I prefer not to offend by chasing payments after the birth and you are both tired and busy 🙂


  • I usually like to meet up with you either at the Rosemount Centre for Complementary Therapies in Aberdeen or a local café if it suits you better at around 37/38 weeks or either side.
  • I run through any questions that you may have or changes that you’d like to make as well as go through the care instructions as the Placenta needs to be on ice within 30 minutes.

* I give you the care instructions to show to the Midwives as well as the full Cooler pack consisting of a zip lock bag, plastic container, ice blocks and the Cooler bag so you don’t need to purchase one.

You call me when you are in active labour to give me a heads up to come to the hospital or your home …. or once baby has been born. I will come straight over and collect it in the cooler pack so you don’t even need to worry about delivering it to me.

When the Remedies are complete, I will let you know and we can make arrangements for delivery or collection. We like Mums to get started with the Remedies as soon as possible so generally ready within 24-36 hours after birth.

The amount of capsules you will recieve is dependent on the size and thickness of the Placenta, the size of membrane, length of the cord as well as the method you choose.

I am often quite surprised myself ...usually between 140-320.

Always enough for your needs and any excess can be frozen for later.

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