Your mind and body are in constant communication with each other, and every thought that you have produces a chemical change in your body.

When you think of something that scares you, you become aware of feeling the anxiety in your body - like ' Butterflies ' or ' Tummy Cramps '.

Likewise, a happy thought can trigger off the body's natural ' Feel Good ' hormones and you may experience a ' warm glow ' inside or feel happy and perhaps a little giggly !!

The power of the mind is so strong that a simple Visualisation of someone caressing your arm, or the suggestion of a ' warm breeze ' may actually ' trigger ' off the feeling that you notice a ' slight tingling sensation '.

It is especially important to be aware of how ' negative thinking ' and ' stressful thoughts ' and ' emotions ' can affect your health and well-being.

Constant stress and worry have a very negative effect on your Immune system, and you may even notice that you are' low in energy and motivation ' and your general health suffers.

When we experience emotions, different ' chemicals are released ' into the body which can have a positive or negative effect. After prolonged periods of negative, worrying thoughts, our Hormonal balance is affected.Excessive stress can lead to complete suppression of the menstrual cycle, as well as the abscence of Ovulation or irregular and sometimes painful, heavy periods.

So, in a nutshell, in order to create change to your health and Fertility…….your thoughts and emotional responses need to be healthy too!!

We literally need to learn how to ' slow down and enjoy life ' and be aware of the thoughts that we entertain.

We are the ' Masters / Mistresses of our own thoughts processess so make sure that you only used ' Positive and Uplifting Language and Imagery ' !!

How the Fertile Body Method can help Fertility Problems

  • The Fertile Body Method can be used to help increase Fertility by - By reducing stress and increasing feelings of calm and relaxation.
  • By restoring physical, mental and emotional balance and well-being.
  • This is achieved by restoring balance through relaxation, positive cognitive changes, Visualisations as well as changes to diet, exercise and lifestyle.

  • Your overall well-being is strengthened by having your physical and emotional needs being met.
  • By identifying and resolving issues that may be preventing Conception - as in Unconscious or Consious resistance.

Fears about Pregnancy, Birth and Parenthood.

Fears about your ability to cope.

Concerns about your Work versus Family.

Concerns about your Relationship.

Unresolved Traumas

Previous Miscarriages, Stillbirth or Birth Trauma.


Unresolved Grief.

Unresolved issues from Childhood.

Issues with your own ' Femininity / Masculinity

By preparing you as a Couple for Conception by helping you to -

  • To help you to feel confident and ready for ' Becoming Parents '.
  • To improve Intimacy and your Sexual Relationship or Sperm Motility and Sperm count.
  • To prepare you for IVF or other Fertility treatments.

By providing Support

  • By teaching you Self-Help Tools that continue to ' Enhance your Fertility '.
  • By supporting you to help maintain the changes that you have made.
  • By supporting you as a Couple if you do conceive in order to help carry your baby to full term.
  • By supporting you to make decisions about Fertility treatments and other options of becoming a parent.

How the Fertile Body Method can help you with the negative effects of infertility

Very often people who have problems conceiving find that they experience a whole lot of emotions - ' anxious , frustrated and worrying thoughts ' that lead to feelings of jealousy, hopelessness and depression.

It can spill over into your Work, Personal Relationships as your ' Sense of Self' is reduced.

The negative effects of infertility can be reduced by

  • Restoring Self-Esteem and Self-Worth.
  • Working through your emotions such as ' Anger, Guilt, Jealousy, Stress, Anxiety and Depression'.
  • Building new Coping Skills and by developing a sense of ' Inner strength and resources.
  • Ensuring that your ' Emotional and Physical Needs ' are being met.
  • Resolving any Relationship problems with your Partner, Friends and Family.
  • Intimacy and Affection in your Relationship.
  • Restoring ' Trust in your Body '.

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