The Mind Therapies


  Description of the Mind-based Therapies


 Past Life Recall, Regression and Therapy


 Stopping Smoking or Vaping with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy


Stopping Smoking or Vaping with EFT and Solution Focused Planning


  Hypnoband Weight Loss Programmes


  The Fertile Body Method 


 The Mind / Body Connection and the Association with Fertility


  The Power of Touch


  Traumatic Birth recovery with the 3 Step Rewind Programme



Special Offers


 A short Relaxation YouTube Video as a Taster


Pay What You Can For Distant Reiki Healing


Therapy Treatment Special Offers





A variety of Body Therapies

  Description of the Body-based Therapies


Fertility, Pregnancy & Postnatal Care


  Fertility and Womb Massage  Therapy


Reflexology for Conception, Pregnancy and Postnatal Care


Aromatherapy and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage


Scar Tissue Release can be for any Scars new or old as well as for Cesarean Section.

The McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Therapy

Ideal for all skin types. Here you can see close up shots of how much the dark ridged scar ( Cesarean section) which distorted the tummy shape, smoothed out and lightened after only two short sessions.

More sessions will allow the scar to fade and flatten even more.

Relaxing, pain-free treatments .... big results !!