McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Therapy Reviews

Innovative and effective hands-on therapy for the treatment of scar tissue


💜 The difference in the scars appearance, well the photographs speak for themselves!

The scar over the elbow joint has diminished to nothing but a faint silver line and the rest is much paler and thinner than it was. From its position I don’t see it much but what I’m noticing since starting the treatment is the feel and texture of the skin, the scar is much flatter and the skin which was dry and flaky before is a better colour, smooth and no longer flaky.

I hadn’t been aware of any loss of feeling before but in fact there had been which I hadn’t noticed till a tingling in the scar area after the first treatment by the time I’d had all 5 treatments full feeling has been restored I can literally feel the stroke of a feather.

Emotionally it seemed to bring some issues into focus which I’m trying to deal with, and I’m more body confident than I was. Thank you.   Karan, Aberdeen



💜 Hi. It was lovely to meet you. I felt at ease and I was comfortable to talk about the  illness and the emotional trauma.

Both scars have a huge change in their appearance, I have some feeling back in the section scar but the other one causes quite a bit of discomfort, which I think may be caused by something out with your abilities. The scar itself has improved greatly, smoothed out all over.

I’m in the process of letting go of resentment. Overall, I’m really pleased I went for the treatment and I would highly recommend. Xx       Laura, Aberdeen



💜 Just wanted to say that am really happy with the result softer only 2 sessions and really surprised at the level of improvement that I’ve seen on the scar.

In some areas it has faded significantly and on others it has flattened quite a bit. Any emotional connection to the scar has gone as it no longer looks as ugly and in time I know it will fade.     Griselda, Aberdeen