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Lomi Lomi Body Draping Info

Lomi Lomi Body Draping Info


Body Coverings are a personal choice and will be fully respected.

Traditionally Lomi Lomi is performed with the breasts exposed as there are some very relaxing strokes over the sternum and tummy area which feel especially good when alternated with the under-body strokes.

However I do not offer fully nude massages

In some of the photos you will see that the massage is performed directly onto the couch which allows for the under-body strokes, on a sheet covering the couch, or on a sheet with duvet for extra comfort covering the couch if required.

I have an L-shaped cushion for side-lying comfort. I also have disposable thongs so that you feel relaxed knowing that the covering or sarong will stay in place.

I use a cotton sheet unless doing the under body strokes in which case you lie directly on the couch and use Organic Cold Pressed 100% raw virgin Coconut Oil to nourish your skin.

My couch is larger than the average couch with a thick cushion of Multi-layer Small Cell Foam with additional Memory Foam and is oil and water-resistant.

The face ring for the face down position is also extremely comfortable with the same cushioning which molds around your face.

The room is kept warm for your comfort as you may be open throughout the massage. However, your body can be partially covered depending on the area to be massaged and your preferences.

For my male clients, they can just go for the traditional sarong option on it’s own, disposable thong with tucked in sarong or cover … or if they prefer to keep their own thong or boxers on then I will tuck the sarong in to cover them the best I can to avoid oil staining.

For pregnancy style massage, you can lie sideways or be supported on the couch with my L-shaped cushion and a few pillows.

It’s like a comfy armchair. The following photos show coverings for head, face and arms only, the same plus chest and tummy or full front of body.


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