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Lomi ‘Ili’ili Wela – Hot Stone Massage

Lomi ‘Ili’ili Wela – Hot Stone Massage

The energy and warmth of Basalt and Lava Stones deepens the benefits of a full body Lomi lomi massage. These healing stones help to reduce stress and anxiety as well as release muscular tension to aid relaxation.

They can also be used only on the back and shoulders, on the legs and arms, as part of an Abdominal massage and on the face for a relaxing Facial massage.


FEES – all with Coconut Oil

* 1 hour Lomi with Back, Neck and Shoulders with hot Lava stones – £60


* 1 hour Lomi with Calves and Back, Neck & Shoulders – £60


* 1 hour Lomi Abdominal massage (can include Womb massage too) with under body strokes, hot Lava Stones and Healing – £60


* 1 hour Lomi Facial, Shoulders and Head massage with the stones – £50


* 90 Minutes back of Body Lomi massage with hot Lava stones with Head massage – £70


* 2 1/2 Full body Lomi Lomi with hot Lava stones including Head Massage – £105

For the Facial Massage, I used Fractionated Coconut oil which is lighter on the skin and gentle – suitable even for baby massage so it won’t clog your pores. The Lava stones I use are smaller stones and Mushroom shaped ones.


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