Karuna Ki Reiki Student Reviews

❣️ Karen’s Reiki courses are a gift that keeps on giving. With the wonders of Reiki energy and the materials Karen generously shares to assist our Reiki journey. She put a lot of work into course notes. She is my kind of teacher as she encourages students to tune into intuition in reiki work and shows a flexible approach to learning. Her classes are friendly and fun . 💖  June Youngson, Cullen


❣️I did my Reiki 2, Reiki Masters and Advanced Reiki with Karen attending face-to-face workshops.

For my Karuna Ki, I chose the option of 2 online Zoom workshops followed by one face-to-face workshop
I received the same high standard of teaching and support from Karen that she always gives in every course, there was no difference from Zoom to face-to-face. Connecting to the Zoom workshop was straight forward and communication was great, I felt all the same benefits as I had previously doing face-to-face. Karen was able to access my interaction and the treatment I provided my client in the zoom session with careful positioning of laptop.

I also found the Zoom and face-to-face option was more cost effective for myself saving on travel and hotel expenses. Laura, Perth


❣️ This has been my most spiritual experience ever. Karuna is part of my life. Thank you Karen for teaching and inspiring me. The Master’s Attunement was so special. I could sense what was happening as you were attuning Derek. The colours in my mind’s eye kept changing. Wow. What a sense of belonging & ‘coming home’. I will never forget this ~      Jenny, Inverurie


❣️ Very professional. Karen is an excellent therapist and teacher. My karuna training was thorough. ~   Maggie , ABERDEEN


❣️ Dear Karen, just a quick word to record my appreciation of the magical experience of the Master’s workshop ~  Derek , Inverurie