Hypnoband Client Reviews

❣️ I got the hypno-band therapy just over a year ago in the February 21…

Oh wow I’m so glad I did….. To date I have lost 3 stone and still loosing
I eat a lot healthier and smaller portions.

I do have the occasional treats but where once i would happily have eaten a 6 pack multi pack crisps in one sitting I can have 1 pack and be totally satisfied. Where I was too lazy to cook and would just snack now I enjoy making healthy meals..

The whole process was easy to do and Karen explained everything perfectly I did a few sessions over Zoom and travelled to Aberdeen for the final procedure then tighten hypno but every session was beneficial, being able to listen to download and tighten band every so often is a great bonus….

The hypno sessions on resetting the mindset alone made such a difference just changing my eating habits and thoughts about myself improved myself confidence. I see a different me when I look in the mirror now …

Would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone struggling with self confidence, weight issues and or willpower xxxx         Laura, Perth