Homeopathic Remedies for Mother & Baby

How Your Placenta Homeopathic remedy may help you and your baby

Homeopathy is a gentle, yet dynamic form of medicine that treats the whole person, using minute doses of natural substances. It is based on the principle of “Like cures Like” and is used to treat chronic and acute conditions, both physical and emotional.

From clinical and homeopathic practice the homeopathic preparation of human placenta, known as “Placenta Humanum” has been found to help many symptoms.

Your Placenta remedy may be useful for the rest of your and your baby’s lifes. You and your baby made your placenta, which is what makes Your Placenta homeopathic remedy unique to you and your child.

It takes just a tiny piece of placenta, either fresh or dehydrated to make your homoeopathic remedy. The remedy is returned to you in 2 gram bottles of sucrose pills. 7C for baby and 40C for Mum. Please note that there is none of your physical placenta in your homoeopathic pills.

Whilst I have listed some symptoms under “Mother” please remember that your child may also benefit from their Placenta Remedy as they are growing up as these symptoms may also occur in them.

Homeopathy works on both an emotional / mental level, as well as physical. You may only be experiencing one of the symptoms listed, so let’s start with the emotional symptoms:


         Mental / Emotional symptoms
Grief, mourning, feeling isolated, alienated, separated or detached. Feeling spaced out, lacking focus and concentration, homesick, no longer sure who you are. Feeling that you are doing what is expected of you, rather than what is right for you. Feeling out of control. Feeling angry towards your family / partner. Anxiety, especially when anticipating an event. Feelings of guilt and failure. It can be helpful whenever you move onto a new stage in life, for example, struggling to make the transition to motherhood, or becoming the mother of another child, returning to work, weaning your baby.

On the physical level (Mother and baby / child)

Exhaustion. From lack of refreshing sleep, whether waking too often or sleeping too deeply, dreaming extensively, caring for others. Needing to cat nap during the day.

Loss of Appetite, increased desire for sweet foods, increased thirst. Abdomen feels bloated, tender.

Aches and pains, sore lower back, numbness, tingling, pins and needles, especially in limbs and the face. Bones ache, heavy, clumsiness. Feeling the cold and wanting warmth.

Sore throats, coughs and asthma.


Diarrhoea, explosive, gushing with mucous

Periods, too late, very heavy. PMT. Painful ovulation

Skin, dry, flaky, itchy patches

Headaches, especially with a sensation of pressure in the head

Palpitations, fast heart beat and a sensation of tightness across the chest.

All senses are heightened, especially smell.

Gums feel sore, metallic taste in the mouth.


During pregnancy; Placenta Humanum may help with morning sickness; when there has been a previous miscarriage: When the placenta has not been fully functioning.

After birth; it may help to release a retained placenta.

Placenta Humanum may help mother and baby to recover from a pre term birth, caesarean, forceps or traumatic birth.

For the baby

Your Placenta can be used to help:
Babies who refuse the breast and seem cross with their Mamma; Have frequent coughs and colds: Are grumpy / generally “out of sorts”: Have dry, itchy skin: Nappy Rash: Difficulties with teething; Anxieties from separation / starting something new; Allergies; Developmental delays: Never seem to be “quite in this world.” It can help with each stage of moving on to the next step (transition), from crawling to walking, weaning, going to nursery, school, the transition to teens to adulthood and so on.

How to take your Remedy

There are several ways to take a homoeopathic remedy.
First, always drop one pill into the lid to take. If any fall onto the floor, throw those away, do not return them to the bottle.

Baby. Breast feeding mothers can take the remedy and baby will get it through their milk. Otherwise, use the water dosing method: Crush one pill and dissolve in freshly boiled, cooled water. Stir vigorously. Drip 1 drop onto baby’s tongue. Put this water into the fridge and stir energetically before each repeat dose. Make a fresh preparation for each day you are using the remedy.
Mother and baby from weaning. Drop one pill into the lid and tip into your mouth. You can suck, chew or crunch the pill. Alternatively, use the water dosing method.

When symptoms come on suddenly, repeat the remedy every 20 – 30 minutes for 3 doses. If there is an improvement in symptoms, repeat the remedy, one dose 2 -3 times a day until all symptoms have cleared.

If there is no improvement, the remedy is not the right remedy so you may need to look for another homoeopathic remedy, speak to your GP and a qualified homoeopath.

A 1C sample of Your Placenta homoeopathic remedy will be kept for a minimum of five years so that you can re-order when needed. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Caroline Spear SDSHom BA Hons ITD Cert