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Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork Healing Techniques

Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork Healing Techniques


These treatments are also part of Lomi Lomi and often seen as a form of dry massage. The strokes work on the skin and energetic bodies without the use of oil and are fully clothed.

 Ho’ono ho’iwi – referred to as Bone Washing

Hawaiian Bone washing is an ancient form of therapeutic massage used to aid the process of clearing and releasing “memories/ cherished wounds” along with the corresponding physical and emotional pain.

It loosely translates as ” to work with the bones (that hold ancestral memories) to create something that creates more happiness.

Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim wrote in his book ” Wise Secrets of Aloha” that the Hawaiian healer saw the periosterum, the skin of the human bone, as the cache where memory of physical movement, memory of painful emotions and memory of abuse lurk.

These memories store up one after the other like rocks that eventually become mountains but those memories can be released through hands on healing known as Bone Washing or the Hawaiian term – Ho’ono ho’iwi

The treatment is received fully clothed with the intention of focusing and releasing. By moving the fingers between the muscles around the bones, it directs energy to clear out the energy of the remembered wounds.

The pressure is light, be deeply relaxing and can assist in emotional healing.

It can be received in an hour treatment on it’s own or combined with Ho’oponopono which is a Hawaiian process of making things right … of restoring a sense of harmony and resolution by forgiving themselves for any part that they may have played in the problem or issue that they want to work with … pono pono meaning doubly right … forgiving self as well as others and allowing the stuck memory to be released.


Session Times and Fees

* 90 minutes – £70

* 2 hours Bone Washing and some extra hands on healing – £80

* 3 hour Full body Lomi Lomi massage with Bone Washing (Ho’onoho’iwihealing – £120

Bone Washing and Ho’oponopono Programme coming soon …


A Bone Washing Review

* Bone Washing is a very relaxing and soothing experience where Karen gently massages in small circular movements systematically all over the body. She asked me to set my intention for releasing unwanted energy  before the treatment. It left me feeling relaxed, peaceful and calm.      Dana, Aberdeen



Kahi Loa is a form of Shamanic Vibrational Energy Healing Massage which was preserved by native Hawaiians primarily from the islands of Linai and Kauai.

This gentle technique originates in Polynesia and was known as “Magic Hands”. Also referred to as “Oneness through the Moving or Flowing of Sacred Energy”.

It was passed on from the healing traditions of the Kahili family that taught Serge King. He teaches it as a compliment to Lomi Lomi Nui because of its flexibility and adaptability.

Kahi Loa is a wonderful relaxing yet powerful way to shift peoples energy, release blocks and open and align mind, body and spirit.

The elements of nature work reminds us of our inter-connectedness and mutual love. Kahi in Hawaiian means a light touch, fire and unity. It is therefore a fully clothed massage of gentle, smooth, stroking motions  divided into seven parts and releases the tension within the body.

There are 7 elements – fire, water, air, stone, plants, animals and human spirit. They refer to each one of the seven elements of the Hawaiian shamanism: Ahi – fire, Wai – water, Makani – wind, Pohaku – stone, La’au – plants, Holo’ holona – animals, Kanaka – people

The touch affects the skin which gets relaxed and gives the signal for the mind and rest of the body to let go and relax too.


Session Times and Fees

* 1 hour – £55

* 90 minute session – £70

* 2 hour Kahi Loa and some added hands on healing – £80

* 3 hour Full body Lomi Lomi massage with Kahi Loa healing – £120

Kahi Loa and Ho’oponopono Programme coming soon


Extra Kahi Loa Reviews …

* Arriving for the treatment, Karen immediately put me at ease with her warm and friendly manner.  She took the time to start by explaining all about the treatment and what would happen over the next hour before beginning the session.  The treatment is hands on but over clothes so wearing light cotton clothes was perfect to really feel the touch which is firm enough to feel but light enough to be incredibly relaxing.

I was relaxed as soon as I lay down on the couch, and immediately felt a sense of calm and positivity wash all over me.  When the treatment had finished I felt like I was floating out of the door and the relaxed feelings lasted well in to the evening.

As someone who regularly has Reiki treatments I find this even better as the hands on pressure and flowing feelings really feel like you can follow the treatment and feel that something is happening.  I can’t wait to come for another session!    Kelly, Aberdeen


* I’ve been having Reiki treatments from Karen for a long time and have always been very comfortable and relaxed during the sessions. I jumped at the chance to experience something new.
Karen fully explained the background to the treatment before it started and unlike other massages, the Kahi Loa is done through clothes so all modesty is preserved. As I lay on the bed, face down, wonderful Hawaiian music was playing softly in the background. Karen started with very light fingertip strokes all over the body which was incredibly relaxing.
Then she swept down the body from the head to the toes. There is something very comforting about this kind of stroke. I must have drifted away at this point although on some level I was aware of her blowing air down my body. Then it was time to turn onto my back and within moments I had drifted off again… so relaxing!
When I eventually came back to full consciousness, Karen was ready with a much needed glass of water. I felt very chilled afterwards and for the rest of the evening. Definitely signing up for more treatments. Thank you Karen for always being there when I need some Zen xx           Heather, Aberdeen


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