Free Weekly Distant Reiki Reiju Empowerment

Free Reiju Empowerment available every Saturday all day through to midnight


I am offering a free distant Reiki Reiju Empowerment every week to my students or anyone who has done some Reiki training. Whether you have received a Reiju Empowerment or a Western Attunement from your Reiki Master, you were connected to the Reiki energy for life.

Both methods are effective. Mikao Usui Sensei empowered his students and a group of those existing students passed onto us a ritual called “Reiju” which is a way of carrying out or representing the empowerments that he passed to his students.

This was in essence a Tendai Buddhist Blessing made with the intention that the student should receive what they need. These are the Empowerments that I use in my Reiki Workshops.

The Attunement process that we know today in the West came via the Imperial Officers who set up the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai ( Usui Memorial Society) after Mikao Usui’s death.

They put together a constructed ritual where they tried to convey the same experiences that they had when they were being empowered by Usui Sensei.

They had been taught these symbols by him and so they used these same symbols in their ritual to transfer the energy.

Dr Chujiro Hayashi was a member of the Gakkai for a while and he passed on this teaching and an Attunement ritual to Mrs Hawaya Takata who then returned to Hawaii and passed on a version of this in the 1970’s.

My original training was with Elizabeth Harley with our lineage through William Rand in the Attunement process and I taught Reiki for many years in this style.

Then I re-trained with Taggart King when I discovered more about the Original Japanese teachings and run my workshops now using the Reiju Empowerments and Kotodama.

However, when teaching Reiki Masters, I teach both styles of connecting and transferring the Reiki energy.

It can be given to a student at any level between Reiki 1 (Shoden) to Master (Shinpiden) either as part of a Reiki Share or as a distant Empowerment on it’s own or alongside a distant healing session.


Having an Empowerment is just like giving you a little “extra boost”.

It can range from just feeling very calm and relaxed to a more spiritual connection to the energy … the feeling of being blessed.


 All you need to do is find a time during the day or evening where you can sit or lie down without being disturbed … maybe listen to some relaxing music on your phone or CD player .. look at my photo or hold me in your mind to connect … then put your hands in the Gassho position which is similar to the Prayer or Namaste hand position and say ” Karen, I am ready to receive my Reiju Empowerment”.

It really is that simple !!

I will have set up the Empowerment the evening before with the intention that the energy will be ready to flow for as long as you want or need the energy whenever you tune into it.

You may just have 10 minutes free to sit and chill out or perhaps a full hour to lie down. I like to be propped up by pillows on my bed and am able to go into a deep state when receiving it from Taggart myself.

The Empowerment will be freely available every week but you can also tune into it as many times in the day that you wish  … a little bit like lots of meditations or distant healing sessions.


Just wanted to say thank you for your distant empowerments. Each time I’ve done it I’ve been amazed! Within a couple of minutes my whole body feels filled with the warm energy flowing into me. I was a bit scared the first time as I felt the weight of it holding me and coming in waves but now when it happens I feel so relaxed and like I’m part of the energy of the universe.  Amazing!       Susie.xx


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