Fertility Massage Reviews

🌸 Having tried 5 other practitioners nearer our home in Belgium I still rate yours as the best! …. I will be back in the Aberdeen area soon and would love to be able to have another womb massage ahead of our Frozen embryo transfer.    Leah, Belgium


🌸 Hi, I don’t know why but I felt I wanted to let you know that I got a call from the Embryologist after Retrieval on Wednesday and have 5 grade A embryos and 3 still growing! My blood pressure was also totally normal before and during the procedure which is definitely not normal for me, I honestly think your treatments have helped make this happen – thank you xx    Kirsty, Aberdeen


🌸 I had the fertility massage from Karen on a weekly basis over a month’s period. This is a very comforting & relaxing massage that I found helpful in dealing with the emotional aspects of dealing with fertility problems. Also a great treatment for easing symptoms of PMT. I had a wonderful feeling of calmness after treatment & although I have not conceived yet I look forward to having this treatment again soon!       Leanne,  Aberdeen


🌸 “I can’t believe I’m writing this but I got a positive pregnancy test yesterday and again this morning – we have been trying for over a year and I strongly believe that your massage helped get me into the right mind set and body space in order to conceive! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!      It’s very early days but I have my first midwife appointment booked for the 26th November”.  Kate, Aberdeen


🌸 Hi Karen, I hope you are well. I can’t believe that I didn’t yet write you to tell you how much I enjoyed the massage and experience. It was the best I ever had and will definitely be back. I loved every part of it and it was so relaxing and calming, the perfect preparation for the IVF. Many many thanks for sharing your healing powers,     Shauna, Aberdeen


🌸 I found Karen at a time when I was searching for ways to help not only with my fertility but with my general wellbeing. My fertility journey has been an emotional rollercoaster having been able to conceive naturally however then suffering from recurrent misscarriages for which no cause could be determined. This not only impacted my general emotional state but had led to changes with my cycle from irregular periods to no periods to, very sore and light periods.

I was exploring natural therapies that had been shown to help fertility issues when a friend suggested that I contacted Karen. I didn’t know what to expect and was very nervous attending my first appointment but was willing to try anything that may help.

Karen was fantastic from the onset; she was professional, supportive, calming and explained everything before starting any treatment. She made me feel at ease.

I had decided to try the massages for 3 months to see how they helped and to monitor my cycle to see if there were any changes. I have to say I was blown away by how effective they were for me; not only did they help remove scar tissue from my womb but my cycles become more regular. Karen is such a good listener and is so supportive the regular sessions also helped with my mental wellbeing and kept me calm.

After 5 months of seeing Karen for a monthly massage I was over the moon to find out I was pregnant again. It was an emotional time and during the first trimester my emotions were all over the place from being excited to feeling very anxious. I saw Karen for a massage every 2 weeks initially during this time to keep my stress levels at a minimum and they really did help keep me calm. I am now entering the third trimester and have been seeing Karen for monthly pregnancy massages which I feel have made a huge difference by keeping me calm and relaxed and thus allowing me to enjoy my much longed for healthy pregnancy.

I highly recommend Karen to anyone suffering from fertility issues, it can be such an isolating journey which is an emotional rollercoaster and having Karen’s support in addition to the benefits of the massage has made a real difference to me.     Nicola, Aberdeen


🌸 A Successful Case Study – (1) After unsuccessfully trying for a baby for just over 6 months, I started visiting Karen in January 2017 for Reflexology related to fertility. Karen was and continued to be extremely knowledgeable, sympathetic and helpful throughout this process and I took immense enjoyment from the reflexology and found that it was making a difference in terms of regulating my cycle and improving my mental state. In October 2017 Karen told me that she was embarking on a course for fertility massage and would I be interested in being a case study for her. During that time I was undergoing tests through Aberdeen Fertility Centre and was diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility.

As a case study I enjoyed a number of regular massages from Karen, focusing primarily on abdomen and lower back. I felt like this encouraged blood flow and a sense of connection to that area. She also used Robozo scarves to encourage me to relax and feel secure and settled throughout the process. I really enjoyed the massages and the atmosphere that Karen creates, I would always feel very emotional afterwards and certainly that the techniques that she used were “doing something” to improve my fertility. Her use of homemade essential oils is a big plus point as these are wholly natural and organic and smell lovely! Around the conclusion of the case study I also undertook a self-funded IUI cycle, I continued to visit Karen throughout this and although it did not go entirely to plan and I was over-stimulated, Karen kept me grounded and calm through use of massage, reflexology and reiki. To my immense surprise, I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks later.

Miracle stories of conception are both inspiring and annoying in equal measure and it would not be right to say that this is a golden ticket. However, I can’t deny that Karen’s therapies helped me to keep me grounded, made me feel like I was giving myself the best possible chance and encouraged a sense of well-being which I had been neglecting previously. For that reason – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Karen for any of the services she offers, she is kind, understanding and knowledgeable. This journey can be hard and long and some self-care is of utmost importance.       Yvonne, Aberdeen

🌸 (2) I really enjoyed my final fertility massage session. I’d had a tough day with my period starting early and was just feeling very delicate and sad. Having the session helped me to process some of the feelings of disappointment and sadness as well as taking some enjoyment from taking some time to do something for myself. After the session I felt much calmer and less helpless. My usual period cramps were greatly lessened this month – hopefully due to the massage easing the process and I felt that my period was also shorter. Again I found that the massage was very beneficial to my digestive system and helped move things along. I have a lot less bloating and discomfort since having the sessions too.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed being part of the case study and it has been interesting to be involved in something new. I find the sessions to be relaxing and comforting. I particularly enjoy the massage of the sacral area as I seem to hold a lot of tension in this area which can lead to discomfort.

As always Karen is very good at creating a tranquil and soothing environment and will always listen to all concerns and issues that I might have been having. I’d hope to continue the fertility massage alongside some reflexology (which I had been receiving prior to the massage) Although I have not yet succeeded in becoming pregnant, I have commenced fertility treatment and in order to give this the best possible chances of working, I do find the services offered by Karen are greatly supportive to my mental health and sense of well-being.         Yvonne , Aberdeen

🌸 (3) Hi Karen. Very early but thought you’d want to know that I am pregnant. Feels like truly a Christmas miracle! Obviously happened the cycle after the fertility massage, know you’ve sent away all your assessments but if you’ve the chance to do a follow up? I’ll happily write you another review for the website assuming all goes well and after 12 week scan. Hope you have a great Xmas and sending lots of love and gratitude. Congratulations on your exam and artwork marks, that’s fantastic! I’m doing good, had 2 scans as been quite anxious but now 10 weeks and everything seems to be going fine.  Yvonne,  Aberdeen