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Client Reviews for the Lomi Lomi Massage

Client Reviews for the Lomi Lomi Massage


Lomi Lomi massage has to be the most relaxing and nurturing massage I’ve ever had – and I’ve had quite a few over the years! Lying on the lovely wide bed in a generously warmed up room, Karen slowly works up your body with the fragrant coconut oil. One of the biggest differences is that the Lomi Lomi massage uses the whole arm in gentle sweeping movements and this, combined with the Hawaiian music playing in the background, allows you to totally chill. My favourite part is when one of Karen’s arms is underneath the body and she massages the abdomen – it feels like a big hug! Book a treatment with Karen and you won’t be disappointed.  Heather, Aberdeen


Amazing Lomi-Lomi massage last night with Karen Rome, felt I’d died and went to heaven, fully recommend !
Also Karen and I, as fellow therapists had prior arranged to refresh / re-charge my Reiki symbols, which empowers my original Reiki symbol initiation. Amazing evening all round, thanks Karen ♥ Jan Bremner


Wow! … what an amazing two-hour experience for my first visit. From the outset I was made to feel comfortable and at ease, the room was warm, secure and peaceful; and Karen explained about the Lomi Lomi massage and process in detail as being a connection of mind and body. The massage itself combined the pressure of a deep tissue massage with the strokes of Swedish massage, and I soon realised Lomi was very different from traditional methods I’ve experienced that work in sections, as it flows across and under the entire body in relaxing random sweeping patterns…I quickly lost track of time allowing my mind to stop thinking about where the massage was going next, but instead to “let go” and fully relax… Karen is an amazing therapist who is passionate about what she does and afterwards I really felt light the whole day and so energized!

There is a lot to be said for embracing well-being therapy and getting a Lomi Lomi massage from Karen is a great place to start. Totally highly recommended.. .Thank you, Karen,     James Bolland, Aberdeen


Karen Rome offers incredible treatments. I love her Lomi Lomi Massage, it is quite simply amazing. This is an extremely relaxing and intimate massage for women and is a wonderful way to reconnect with your own body and to completely relax with someone else’s touch. I felt very safe and held. This massage is unlike any I have experienced before and it left me feeling completely de-stressed and contented. The healing I received during this treatment was definitely the strongest and most profound I have ever experienced. My body was quite simply soaking in the energy coming through her hands like a sponge. I turned up to see Karen in perhaps one of the most distressed and rundown states ever. The shift in my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body was so remarkable that I am still feeling the positive vibes weeks afterwards and am really looking forward to my next session. Thank you Karen, you are one very special and gifted lady. Highly recommended.      Karen, Aberdeenshire


 Absolutely loved today Karen,thank you very much.walking tall feeling good that coconut oil is even better than my Calvin Klein after shave !!:) Today was so good,surrendering to the expert touch of Karen and the sensual aroma of coconut oil and relaxing massage. I was tense at the start but eventually gave in to the flow and enjoyed the Lomi Lomi massage very much.       Graham, Aberdeen


✨ I went for a Lomi lomi massage with Karen and it was sheer bliss ……. Karen explained the massage fully and I was more than happy to go with the traditional flow of how this massage is to be received. Karen held a beautifully safe & sacred space for me to completely let go and receive this gorgeous ceremonial massage treatment. Lomi Lomi is an a deeply honouring and intimate massage for women to receive from women……. I highly recommend this massage If you are seeking to invite more love and a deeper level of self care and nourishment into your life. Mahalo Karen (thank you in Hawaiian )

Cara, Westhill ✨


Fantastic , awesome , deeply relaxing and 2 hours of pure bliss. I have been so sore and tense lately and not sleeping. This massage totally lifted how rotten I was feeling. Would highly recommend it and I relaxed even more because Karen is such an experienced and thorough therapist. I forgot I was at the Rosemount Centre, I felt like I was on a warm beach overseas. Can’t recommend this enough. Thank you Karen. xxx   Angela, Elgin


I had a Lomi Lomi massage for the first time this week end…fantastic massage! I have also done reflexology and reiki with Karen and love it too but the Lomi Lomi was quite different. I felt so connected to my body after and happy to be a woman Highly recommended that’s a massage that will make you feel good.  Julie, Aberdeen


I had a fabulous Lomi Lomi massage today from Karen. This is a very different style of massage to what I have had before, but Karen took time at the start to explain what to expect and once she started I soon found myself drifting away and relaxing into the massage.

The technique involves her massaging your front and back at the same time which at first I was not sure about but soon found myself relaxing into it as it was absolutely Divine 

The long sweeping motions of this massage whisk you away as you completely surrender to the massage. I left feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards and will definitely be booking this again. Will definitely be having this again   Michelle, Aberdeen


I am 6 months pregnant and recently had an absolutely wonderful pregnancy Lomi Lomi massage from Karen. The massage is different to any other I have had before; however Karen took the time to explain the techniques she would be using and that along with her calming and supportive nature made me feel at ease. The massage itself was truly relaxing and I felt myself melting into the couch. Highly recommend and looking forward to my next one.

Nicola, Aberdeen


I experienced the Lomi Lomi massage this week and just loved it. It is complete and utter indulgence. Karen is so warm, friendly and knowledgable. I came out feeling so relaxed, good about myself and being a woman. ♥ Highly recommend.  Sandra, Stonehaven


I recently had a Lomi Lomi massage with Karen. The experience was absolutely fantastic throughout from the cosy, warm room when I arrived right through to the sleepy, relaxed feeling afterwards. From a little research beforehand, I expected the massage to be deeply relaxing and flowing. The massage techniques Karen uses, far exceeded my expectations and I quickly found myself in a deep state of relaxation. As I am in the early stages of pregnancy, Karen suggested I try a side lying massage which would reduce the pressure on my back. I would definitely recommend this if you are expecting. Karen respects your modesty throughout the massage and I feel completely comfortable in her company. The sweeping motion of massage from the tips of your toes to your neck is wonderful and eases achy muscles. The head massage made me almost doze off, it was so enjoyable I can’t wait for my next one! ”  Hannah, Aberdeen


My second review:

“I recently had my second lomi lomi massage with Karen. I cannot recommend this massage more. It was deeply relaxing from start to finish; you really feel like you surrender to the massage, sink into the couch and relax so deeply. The sweeping strokes flow throughout and it is easy to enjoy this massage. I cannot wait to treat myself again. Thank you Karen.”

Hannah, Aberdeen


Received this as a gift  I didn’t doubt for a minute it would be good as Karen is a beautiful soul, full of love and empathy, a truly unique therapist.

( I’ve done courses n had various other treatments in the past) This is by far the gentlest most relaxing massage ever totally blissed out  xXx    

Morag, Peterculter


This is a beautifully relaxing experience. A warm room, lovely natural coconut oil and a trusted therapist what more could you want?

The underbody strokes which are optional enhance the blissful experience.      Gwen, Aberdeen


I felt so relaxed afterwards. I was made to feel so safe and secure through the whole process. I especially liked the massage around my tummy and also my head, neck and feet. It was bliss. I love the way I can feel so stressed and tired and come in to this little bit of sanctuary. Its a godsend. Karen Rome was an amazing therapist.    Marion, Aberdeen


My second review …

I experienced the gifted Karen Rome and her Lomi Lomi hot stone massage.I haven’t felt so relaxed in years.The sweeping movements are so different from any other massage I have experienced and the head massage was amazing.A little bit of Hawaiian Paradise Thank you Karen.    Marion, Aberdeen


Yesterday I had a Hawaiian Lomi massage with Karen and can honestly say it left me as relaxed as I could possibly be. I felt as if i was on a different plain.
The massage itself felt unusual in that it uses a different technique to what I’d been used to previously but because Karen explained it so well beforehand I soon submitted and melted my way through the session.
Karen has such a beautiful calming manner and I felt really honoured to have her spend her time nurturing me.    Angela, Aberdeen


Morning Karen, I would just like to thank you for an amazing massage yesterday. It really was brilliant. Can’t wait for my next one xx       Duncan, Aberdeen


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