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Client Reviews for Bone Washing – Ho’ono ho’iwi

Client Reviews for Bone Washing – Ho’ono ho’iwi

* Karen explained that bone washing is a Hawaiian form of fully clothed energy healing that’s been practised for a very long time; “a process of clearing cherished wounds” and that I should try to maintain a focus on what it was that I wished to release.

My first reaction was to think that’s an odd contraction because how could memories of bad life impacts held within bones be called cherished!

From my experience I soon realised that, Karen, was referring to energy of memories good or otherwise that I was holding onto within me, and that the intent of bone washing was to find those spots of negative trapped memories and to release them.

Karen used of a series of small circular light pressure movements segmented along the body. I mostly experienced a very subtle and relaxing release of tension. however, along the side of my leg close to the knee which took a big hit it in a motorbike crash years back; I sensed a significant shift of something leaving me. Next morning, I awoke without an aching knee and no explanation for it but the Bone Healing. Thank you, Karen, for yet another extraordinary experience.        

James Bolland, Aberdeen


* I decided to try Karen’s Hawaiian Bone washing treatment with the intention of aiding relaxation, releasing tension and regaining focus and grounding. I’m not usually a fan of regular massages but this alternative treatment has me converted. The non invasive fully clothed style is comfortable and perfect for those like myself who are busy or a little shy.

Karen took great care and time to explain the aim of bone washing and instantly made me feel at ease.  Gentle pressure is applied to the muscles around the bones starting from the top of the body and working down.

Perfect pressure applied by Karen that is incredibly relaxing, releasing and leaves you feeling restored and peaceful. The treatment also gently encourages the receiver to acknowledge any past or present events that may be inhibiting growth and preventing healing and overcomes these barriers by  working with aim, intention and forgiveness to self and others in a calm and relaxed way.  For those looking to release tension, emotional and mental fatigue, or to centre themselves and regroup this is the ideal treatment.

One 90 minute session left me feeling balanced, focused and deeply relaxed.  I have no doubt a block booking would allow the recipient to really work towards Healing and restoration. Highly, highly recommend Karen and her wonderful work.    

Nicola, Aberdeen


* I was honoured to receive a Kahi Loa Hawaiian treatment from Karen last week. I wasn’t sure what to expect but knew it would be relaxing as Karen always creates a relaxing loving environment with her treatments. The treatment involves a 7 strokes healing massage, fully clothed, and each technique brought me deeper into a wonderfully relaxed space where I was able to zone out into a meditative state.During the treatment I felt little twinges of releasing energy and that night, for the first night in several weeks, I slept deeply.

The next morning my lower back, which has been problematic for months, was looser and needed far less stretching than normal. Karen is first port of call for any holistic therapy as I trust her completely and just love the feeling I’m left with even hours after the treatment is finished.      

Angela, Aberdeen


*Bone Washing is a very relaxing and soothing experience where Karen gently massages in small circular movements systematically all over the body. She asked me to set my intention for releasing unwanted energy  before the treatment. It left me feeling relaxed, peaceful and calm.     Dana, Aberdeen

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