During the Covid-19 Lockdowns, I started offering distant healing to help out but seeing as it has been so popular, helped a lot of people from all over the world and there still appears to be a need for it .... I have decided to continue offering personal healing sessions - £35 for an hour using this link.

All you need to do is click on the link, then fill out the form at the bottom of this page after the reviews and we can arrange a day and time that suits you. Or you can text, Whatsapp or e-mail at romekaren931@gmail.com to book your preferred time and pay by Bank Transfer if you prefer.




Please let me know who the healing is for and what day or time suits you. I will be booking a time in my diary to be available for you between 10am and 10pm (9pm UK time at the latest). I will get back in touch with you either by e-mail or by text if that is what you prefer. I'm a Night Owl so your hour appointment can be during the day or evening ....  no plans to go anywhere ...lol

Reiki healing can be received anywhere in the world at a time that suits you ... and all you need to do is choose a time when you can take an hour out of your day or evening to relax. A photo of your face is helpful for me to focus on. It can be from a group picture, Facebook or any image.

Lie down or have a seat somewhere perhaps listening to relaxing music on your phone, TV or CD player. Set the intention in your mind to connect to me and receive the healing. Reiki always works whether you are walking about or lying down but ideally you would take the time to chill out just like you would if you came into my therapy room.



♣ Absolutely loving the Reiki distant healing, the energy is amazing, left feeling content soothed and relaxed. All the muddle and confusion disappears, left with a peaceful inner calm. Tonight especially at one point I could see a white glow the feeling at the end words can't describe. Can I just say thank you and actually wow, I honestly have never had such a session the energy and vibration was at a whole new experience, I'm not sure if normal but at one point I felt drawn to hold my own hands over my stomach and could hear faint growling noises in the background but felt so calm and relieved Absolutely amazing thank you once again. Thank you so much
Laura Hill

Second session -  Oh wow everything you have said right from the start of our session to those readings is absolutely spot on and I'm not just saying that. Thank you so much and ye you have given me plenty to think about and focus on  xxxxx

Would highly recommend not only is Karen a fantastic teacher of Reiki ( I felt such a connection whilst doing my Reiki 2 and I will be returning to do my Masters) she is also an amazing healer,, the connection and energy I have never experienced anything like that before, a complete feeling of relaxation and clarity, I have had two personal distant healings and both times Karen completely connected with what i needed, I will certainly be continuing with these sessions cannot wait for next one
Thank you Karen   Laura Hill


♣ Thank you for the beautiful energy Karen....it was so relaxing. I feel very grounded and more calm than I did before.    Anne McEwan


♣ Distant Reiki healing with Karen is amazing. It takes you to a place of calm and serenity. The beauty of distant Reiki is that you don't need anything other than a quiet space and some tranquil music for an hour of bliss. Karen is a perceptive and trustworthy healer. Her intuitive approach to Reiki means that she feels your energy even from a distance and is able to give you insight into the things you need at that exact moment in time. This is so worthwhile, everyone should gift themselves an hour with Karen xxx        Anne and Heather McEwan


♣ Thank you Karen, really felt the energy, felt like I was being swaddled like a baby  in a warm heavy blanket, being comforted & protected Xx     Jenny Florence


♣ This has brought a tear to my eye. I cannot thank you enough and strangely enough I have just run myself a nice bath as I felt slightly brighter. Thank you so much, kindest of souls.  I am up for the the first time in days and made homemade soup for my families lunch. Thank you so much for your healing, I truly believe I am feeling the benefit ! I feel much better! I believe Reiki healing helped a lot, especially mentally and so do my family      Izzy Adams West


♣ Thank you, I have been struggling with this lock down so that sounds about right. After about 5/10 minutes I felt like an incredible wave of calmness overcome me.  I felt really light and relaxed and then fell asleep. Enjoy the rest of your day and thanks again.           Michelle McHardy


♣ Wow ....yes spot on. I got into my bed around 4.30 ...listened to a bit of music ...I'm still in bed  ended up snoozing.        Gwen Alexander


♣ Had a relaxing Reiki session. Feeling very relaxed and grounded. I know I'll still feel the benefit for days to come. I think we all could do with some at the moment lol x    Wendy Macauley




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