Baby Massage Classes via Zoom

This is the Zoom private version of my Baby Massage Course to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

The fee will be the same as a Group class – 5 sessions for £70. This gives us plenty of time to work on baby’s Reflexes, feed whenever necessary, get yourself a cup of tea and have time for a chat.

Baby Massage gives parents and carers the chance to enhance that loving bond, and ease baby and toddler symptoms of childhood conditions in a fun way.


Over the 5 weeks we will cover :

  • Learning the basic Massage Routine
  •  Teething
  •  Sinus, Colds and Asthma
  •  Irritability and aiding sleep
  •  Digestive issues such as Colic, Constipation and Diarrhoea


Frequently asked questions :

At what age can I start classes to learn Baby Massage at home

  • There are no hard and fast rules about the minimum age although some babies may find structured massage a bit overwhelming and stimulating in the first few weeks…you may find sitting crouched over uncomfortable if you have had a caesarean .. and sometimes parents are still getting into a daily routine and may be a bit tired themselves. Although not mixing with other babies, some parents feel a few weeks after birth is a good time to have settled into a bit of a routine. Some babies find it so relaxing from birth that they nod off …..


How long does the Massage class last 

  • Generally classes run for an hour but we will not be doing Massage for the full hour and they are very much baby-led. The Course will be very relaxed with lots of interactive chat and fun. If baby is fed up or hungry then you would just stop and feed, change or have a cuddle.


What if I can’t remember all the massage techniques 

  • Don’t worry, there is no pressure to remember everything  perfectly. You learn by practise in class with me then at home in-between classes when practising on your baby at bath-time or any time that you can relax together undisturbed … plus you will have a handout of notes each week covering the movements in bite sizes rather than a whole sequence to memorise. As far as the Zoom class is concerned, these will be sent by e-mail.


Will we be using a specific massage oil for the Baby Massage 

  • Generally in class I would give out some pure fractionated coconut oil so I can post some to you or you can come and collect it from the Rosemount Centre for Complementary Therapies in Mount Street when I am in or I can meet you in town.


Will I have to provide anything 

  • Nothing at all other than your babies requirements. Your baby may have a favourite blanket that they like to lie on or be covered with or perhaps one of your pillows although you may want to place a towel over that for protection to prevent oil getting onto the cushion/pillow or if your baby has a poo and it leaks through the nappy. It is really important to make sure that you are comfortable too whether lying on your bed with baby, sofa or on the floor. You will receive a small handout of notes covering the strokes that we practise each week.


So if you have any questions or would like to arrange a private Zoom Course then get in contact on the form below …



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